December 22, 2016

AGM 2016 – General Assembly Report


INAA held its AGM on 4th November 2016 in Berlin.
More than 50% of members present or validly represented, hence the quorum was reached.

The AGM approved the annual audited accounts as well as the budget for 2016/2017.

Besides, the AGM elected the following Board members:

The current Board is composed of :

Kathy Garlow, Shepard, Schwartz & Harris, USA; Michael Harrison, Sobell Rhodes, UK; Luca Aniasi, HRIT, Italy, have been nominated as members’ representatives in the nominating committee together with Ed Turner and Dirc Fröschen from the Board.

You can download here audited accounts for financial year 2015/2016

Audited accounts for financial year 2015/2016

Download here the treasurer's report :

Treasurers Report - Financial year 2015/2016

You can download INAA budget for financial year 2015/2016

2015/2016 Budget

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