Company introduction

Eudita is one of the main Audit & Advisory Consulting Firm in Spain. Its business philosophy is based on ongoing personal attention. These elements establish their competitive advantage over large multinational companies.


One of Eudita's main goals is its presence in most areas of Spain. That makes our firm much more competitive than any other for developing big national projects.


Our brand rises from the need of different audit firms to join together in order to strengthen and combine their technical and professional characteristics and to have a common management and representation of their interests.


Eudita benefits from the high professional skills of their members and their broad and extensive experience, not only in auditing, but also in different areas such as consultancy and advisory. Some of the member firms have been working over 30 years, with a long proffessional background.


These are the main principles for Eudita:



Based on the standardization of procedures       between the differents firms and  the permanent training of their partners and employees.



Established a system of quality designed to provide reasonable assurance of the work performed. Carried out between the members.



Each company maintain their own status, clients and geographical influence area. However,  members have the opportunity to collaborate with other members in different projects.



Alejandro Martín Saracho is an Auditor and a Partner Director in Pontevedra-Vigo Office.


He has a Degree in Economic and Business Sciences (Business Branch) from Santiago de Compostela University, is auditor since 1999 and also has various other qualifications.


Ángel Bertomeu Navarro is a Partner in Eudita at the Alicante office and is an Auditor.


Antonio del Puerto is a Partner in Eudita and an Auditor. Economist, professor of commerce and Chartered Accountant.


Eladio Acevedo is an Auditor and Partner in Eudita.


Juan Francisco Fraire is a Partner in Eudita and an Auditor.

Francisco JIMENO

Francisco Jimeno Rozalén is Chairman of Eudita and a Partner at the Albacete Office.

Francisco VÁZQUEZ

Francisco Vázquez Romero is a Partner at the Córdoba office.


José Antonio Fuertes Sierra is an Economist, Auditor and Partner in Eudita.

José Ramón SÁNCHEZ

José Ramón Sánchez Serrano is an Auditor, partner in Eudita and Professor at the Finance and Accountancy Department at Málaga University.

Luis Ángel ROBERTO

Luis Ángel Roberto is a Partner in Eudita and an Auditor.


Luis Molinero de Tapia is an Auditor and Partner in Eudita.


Pablo Rodríguez Otero is a Partner in Eudita and an Auditor.


Rafael-Alfonso Galmés Bonaz is a Partner in Eudita, a member of the INAA Group. Economist, Auditor and Lawyer.


Tomás G. Gordo Llanes is an Auditor, a Partner in Eudita, Tax Advisor and freelance Lawyer.


Eudita Albacete

Eudita Office in Albacete has an extensive experience in the areas of consulting and auditing.

Eudita León

Eudita León Office consists of 10 people, including auditors, lawyers, economists, administrative, technical and social graduates.

Eudita Madrid (Fernando el Católico)

Eudita Madrid Fernando el Católico office is one of our delegations in Madrid.

Eudita Málaga

Eudita Office in Málaga is one of the main offices in Andalusia.

Eudita Navarra

Eudita Office in Navarra stands for its multisectorial experience.

Eudita Pontevedra

Eudita's Team in Vigo (Pontevedra) office is composed by 10 professionals among seniors and auxiliary auditors.

Eudita La Rioja

Eudita Office in La Rioja stands for its multisectorial experience.

Eudita La Coruña

The Eudita office in La Coruña is specialized in the following sectors:




Construction and promotion of residences

Housing cooperatives

Administrative concessions

Industrial sector Manufacture of equipment goods.

Public and private foundations

Sport clubs

Sports federations

Professional associations

Shipping companies

University Area

Textile and fashion

Grants from different European programs

International compensation organizations

Food chains

International adoption entities

Health centers

Automotive services and auxiliary industries



Waste management and treatment

Sectoral chambers

Eudita Granada

The office of Eudita Granada has extensive professional experience in the field of auditing accounts and consulting.

Eudita Alicante

Eudita office in Alicante is specialized in Financial Audit projects.

Eudita Asturias

Eudita Office in Asturias has a wide experience in audit and advisory.

Eudita Badajoz

Eudita Badajoz Office is located in one of the main cities in Extremadura.

Eudita Baleares

Eudita headquarters in the Balearic Islands is located in Palma de Mallorca.

Eudita Burgos

The Eudita office in Burgos specializes in auditing accounts, tax and commercial advice. Also experts in business consulting: Consolidation of groups of companies and consulting thereof. Bankruptcy planning and administration.

Eudita Cáceres

The office of Cáceres, based in Plasencia, provides audit & consulting services in Extremadura.

This office has two Partners Auditors and highly specialized and experienced in auditing staff.

Eudita Córdoba

A multidisciplinary approach office located in the middle of Andalusia.

Eudita Madrid (Génova)

Eudita Madrid Génova main goal is its expertise in audit projects.