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Cloud-based business valuation platform

Measure and create value.
Valuation advisory is complex enough as it is. Valutico gives you the tools to make your life easier, so that you can focus on what you do best. Valutico is the world's leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.

Making Cyber Security Accessible

Cyber security innovative solutions for your firm.
INAA Discount for all members & Active Cyber Insurance.
Monthly discounts on all security requirements including Penetration Testing, Training, Compliance and more ; so your firm gets more secure faser and more cost effectively.

Continuous Cyber Security Audit

Detection | Action | Audit
Your customers are concerned about reputation and business continuity from ransomware attacks.
Offer your customers the security they need - and give your team teh training they require.
The Skopos.AI platform provides you with the tools for a continuous cybersecurity audit of your customers.

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Would you also like to join us and become one of our privileged partners? Nothing could be easier.
Contact us via our contact form and tell us about your project, we will get back to you quickly.

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