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INAA carefully selects its partners and sponsors, building relationships with them over many years. Each organisation offers complementary areas of activity and expertise, providing you and your clients with a quality service.

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Place collaboration at the core of your operations

Beeye is a Workforce Management and Planning Solution co-created with audit firms to simplify workforce management with collaboration at its core. Track team's activity in one single place instead of many Excel spreadsheets, automate task assignment, and monitor the profitability of projects.

  • Visibility, a 360° view: Easily track activity to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Collaboration, a closely-knit team: Give a unique workspace and encourage your teams to collaborate by offering them an intuitive tool!
  • Productivity, a daily help: Save time thanks to the standardization of missions and the automatic assignment of tasks allowing everyone to pursue the same objectives no matter where they are.
  • Profitability, a business accelerator: Anticipate budgets that require adjustment by comparing planned time and real time spent.

Continuous Cyber Security Audit

Detection | Action | Audit

Your customers are concerned about reputation and business continuity from ransomware attacks.
Offer your customers the security they need - and give your team teh training they require.
The Lupasafe platform provides you with the tools for a continuous cybersecurity audit of your customers.

Becoming a business partner

Would you also like to join us as a privileged partner? It's easy to sign up for our partners and sponsors scheme!

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