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About INAA

International Association of independent accounting firms

We’re an established international accounting association of independent firms that has been helping accountants and auditors expand their businesses worldwide for over three decades. We're focused on a shared vision:making global business feel personal and taking personal business to a global level.

INAA is among the top 14 in the list of associations and alliances by Accountancy Age Magazine. The independent accounting firms that comprise our international accounting group are committed to delivering quality professional accounting and auditing services.


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Discover our worldwide accounting membership and our business benefits.

Expand your horizons worldwide with INAA.


Worldwide Accounting Membership Organisation

Start connecting with accountants and auditors across the globe.


Business Benefits of International Accounting Association

Take advantage of a wide range of geographical, financial, and tool-based benefits.


Membership for Accountants and Auditors

Build important connections with other like-minded accountants and auditors.

Save on security

Continuous IT security and audit to manage threats available for all INAA members.

Our success stories

Discover the advantages of joining the world's leading accounting association from our international members. They will introduce you to INAA and its benefits.

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