Entrepreneurs: build a strong connection with INAA members

Whether you already have an existing international business or are considering expanding into a new market, your business requires a global accountancy and law firm that understands the local economy, regulations and culture.


Tailor-made global accounting legal services

INAA’s cost-efficient and personalised approach will help you achieve your company’s unique objectives


Take your business global with a global accounting and legal firm

Expand into new markets with help from INAA’s worldwide association of international accounting and  tax experts


Generate limitless growth

Take advantage of our comprehensive association of INAA members to achieve a unified and seamless service


Helpful global accountancy and legal partnership

With INAA, members enjoy fast and efficient services that will bolster your company’s professional image

Save on security

Continuous IT security and audit to manage threats

What makes INAA different?


We think beyond borders

Businesses of all sizes are expanding worldwide like never before increasing your need to receive a variety of international accounting, audit and professional services.

INAA members have the combined capability and experience to offer you these sought after global services.


Help is around the corner

Connections made through INAA offer you a continuous and efficient service in any location and in any area of specialism.

Getting in touch with a highly skilled, English speaking tax specialist or auditor in over 50 countries across five continents becomes as easy as a phone call!


Global service, personal care

The shared trust built through INAA’s worldwide connections offers you a perfect continuation of that same personal service.

Feel at home all around the world when working with an INAA member! We are dedicated to building strong and close relationships.


We champion quality

Be reassured that our dedication to quality gives you the opportunity to receive improved and consistent services while expanding worldwide.

INAA is also proud to be an accredited professional education provider in the U.S. with NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy).


INAA has you covered

Your revenue and reputation are at risk of cyber attacks. INAA members can benefit from cybersecurity services from Lupasafe at the lowest cost.

Build resilience in your company with cyber training, phishing testing, and threat and vulnerability monitoring using the Lupasafe platform.

Receive support from top global accounting firms

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