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International Accounting Association


We are an international accounting association of independent firms, established over 25 years ago to help accountants and auditors expand their business around the globe.

We're focused on a shared vision:


INAA is among the top 14 in the list of associations and alliances by Accountancy Age Magazine.

The independent accounting firms that make up our international accounting group are all committed to delivering quality professional accounting and auditing services.

Other services include general and IT consulting as well as expert witness in legal matters and litigation support services in the field of business matters

Our success is a direct result of our close personal and professional relationships within our members. Members meet twice a year to discuss accounting and auditing issues facing their clients and to engage in a lively open forum. These twice-yearly industry-focused meetings create close working relationships within the association. In addition to these meetings, we also hold regular international Tax and Audit Forums.

Our international network of accountants and auditors means INAA members can confidently recommend others and provide smooth, efficient services to their global clients.

INAA Accounting Association in Figures

Present in more than
countries on 5 continents
More than
members worldwide
Participate in
meetings per year all around the world
More than
partners & +4200 employees

Our values


We think beyond borders

For more than two decades, INAA has worked to expand business boundaries and create global opportunities to empower SMEs.


International accounting & auditing opportunities


With businesses expanding worldwide like never before, there’s now a greater need to offer a variety of international accounting, audit and professional services. Our foresight has allowed us to provide a global network of capability and experienced professionals so you can offer clients worldwide support.


Our service is global,
our care is personal

All clients value personal care.


The shared trust built through INAA’s local, regional and international events means ensures your clients receive the same standard of personal service worldwide.

You’ll feel instantly at home when joining INAA as we’re dedicated to building strong, close relationships and maintaining that valued personal touch.



With INAA, help is around the corner

Connecting with member firms in other countries allows you to deliver accountancy, taxation and related professional services to your clients around the world.


Your professional network means you can offer clients a continuous, efficient service in any location or area of specialism.


Working with a highly-skilled, English-speaking tax specialist or auditor in over 50 countries is just as easy as phoning a colleague down the road.



We champion quality

Our Quality Committee supports member firms around the world to develop their knowledge, capabilities and connections.


Our dedication to quality gives you the ability to offer improved and consistent services as your clients expand into new markets.


INAA is also proud to be an accredited professional education provider in the U.S. with NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy).

INAA code of conduct

Within the INAA community, we focus on promoting the common interests of our fellow accounting peers to promote mutual respect and trust among individual members, their firms and the wider international accounting association.

We’re committed to displaying a high standard of professional behaviour, international standards and quality of service. We regularly update, our company and individual profiles to reflect our professional skills and capacities.

We’re model citizens and maintain high accounting and auditing standards. We support the fair treatment of all human beings and agree to act in a socially responsible manner, within the laws, customs and traditions of the countries in which we operate and meet. 

We also try to understand and respect the traditions, the social and professional behaviours of each country as long as they do not contradict our Code of Conduct.

We treat fellow INAA peers and their staff members, colleagues, clients and others with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy. 

We’re proud of the diversity of our accounting & audit members and consider our diversity a competitive advantage to be nurtured and expanded. 

We are committed to maintaining a collegial and mutually respectful environment within INAA free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Therefore, we will not discriminate based on gender, race, colour, national origin, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic. 

We will uphold ethical business behaviour as a basic INAA standard of conduct. We will conduct business following accepted principles of honesty and shall speak truthfully in all business practices to pursue legitimate objectives. 

We agree to maintain confidentiality for our members and customers and respect patents, copyrights, exclusive trademarks. We'll also follow the required taxes, VAT, and insurance certificates as well as the IFAC Code of Ethics.

We agree to adhere to local and international regulatory requirements and respond to requests promptly. 

We’ll also honour our obligations to INAA by timely reporting referral work and other requested information, as required by the INAA Agreement, Regulations and Quality Standards.

We agree to use our best efforts to promote this Code of Conduct throughout the entire INAA organisation, to the whole supply chain, our employees as well as other suppliers with whom we may work.

We aim to achieve a good understanding of all stakeholders in our industry to promote healthy competition, fair play, and the creation of value.

All disputes will be handled as stipulated in the INAA Agreement.

The INAA board

INAA is governed by a democratically elected board including a chairman, vice chairman and seven directors. The INAA Secretariat handles the day-to-day administration and reports directly to the board.


Ed Turner

Turner, Stone & Company LLP, USA

Ed received his accounting degree from the University of Central Florida in 1975 and began his career in public accounting with a large local firm in Dallas, Texas in 1976. In 1985 he co-founded the firm of Turner, Stone & Company, LLP.


Jörg Bornhausen

Bornhausen Consulting, Germany

Jörg is one of three Partners of Bornhausen Consulting in Frankfurt (Germany). He studied business and economics at the University of Frankfurt and graduated in 2010. After his graduation he worked as an intern for Turner, Stone & Company, LLP, our INAA-Member in Dallas, Texas.


Dirc Fröschen

Dr. Neumann, Schmeer und Partner, Germany

Dirc graduated in 1991 from University of Cologne in economics and started his career at Dr. Neumann Schmeer und Partner. He is certified tax consultant and chartered accountant and since 2003 managing partner.


Mieke Herinckx-Meijer

SRA International Network, Netherlands

Mieke Herinckx-Meijer started her career at SRA in 2015. She studied law at the University of Utrecht. At SRA she manages the activity of the independent SRA-review committee which audits all 370 SRA-members on their quality level and compliance.


Victor Dozzi

Crawford Ellenbogen, USA

Vic is a versatile accounting professional and certified fraud examiner. He works with closely held business, non-profit and individual clients. He is CrawfordEllenbogen’s resident “guru” on tax planning and compliance strategies. Vic provides guidance on issues dealing with tax, accounting, systems controls, and procedures and best practices.


Saroj V. Maniar

CNK & Associates LLP, India

A Practicing Chartered Accountant and a rank holder in the Final Company Secretarial examination.
Professional experience of more than 25 years. Been the Managing Partner of Maniar and Maniar, Chartered Accountants prior to its merger with CNK & Associates, LLP about 12 years back.


Leon Harris

H2CAT Harris Howoviz Consulting and Tax Ltd., Israel

Leon Harris is an Israeli and UK accountant and Partner at Harris Howoviz Consulting and Tax Ltd. The firm has two offices in Israel and provides a full range of accountancy services.


Masahiro Yamazawa

Altesta Corporation, Japan

Masahiro graduated from Waseda University in 1996 and started his career in Arthur Andersen Tokyo office. After studying in UC Berkeley and working in the accounting firm in New York, he started up Altesta Corporation in 2001. His back ground is international tax and accounting. He has his office in Bangkok to support Japanese company in Thailand.


Gaby Van Loock

@TheOffice, Belgium

Certified Accountant and Tax Advisor, with more than 25 years of professional experience, both in Belgium and abroad, in various companies, from local medium-sized private businesses to large international and/or public companies, including services and industrial companies, venture capital funds and holdings.


Mark Hubbocks

Wagstaffs, United Kingdom

Mark Hubboack is a partner at Wagstaffs, UK. He specialises in audit, business consultancy and corporate finance for UK and International clients. He works extensively with clients on understanding their business and understanding what they want from their business. Mark is very much "hands on" and always able to find a pragmatic solution to any problem.

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