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About HRIT

Our Mission is to provide a sound guidance to women, men and companies willing to start or consolidate their Italian business and wealth.

HRIT is a registered trademark of the Aniasi Leonetti accounting firm. The creators of the project were Luca Aniasi and Marco Leonetti, along with Emanuela Di Curzio, a great professional and close friend who, sadly, was not able to see the initiative come into being. The entire project is dedicated to her.

The Aniasi Leonetti accounting firm was founded on an initiative by Luca Aniasi and Marco Leonetti, who, to this day, are still equity partners. IN 2002 Aniasi Leonetti accounting firm joined INAA (link) one of the most prestigious international organizations of accountants and auditors. Luca Aniasi (link) has been its chairman from 2010 to 2014.

Today HRIT is a leading provider of international tax, accounting and outsourcing services to international companies and individuals establishing and doing business in Italy.

HRIT services are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 37001:2016 and ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Our offices

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Via Flaminia 141
00196 Roma

+39 06 9357 2200

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Our representatives

Our representatives are your privileged partners and intermediaries within the company. As essential links in the international chain formed by our INAA members, they will be able to answer all your questions on accounting or auditing matters or direct you to the appropriate personnel according to your needs.

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