September 10, 2021

Welcome to SmitsVandenBroek Adviseurs | Accountants


We are more than happy to welcome SmitsVandenBroek Adviseurs | Accountants as a new INAA member.

SmitsVandenBroek Adviseurs | Accountants is a full-service accountancy firm, based in Weert (Limburg, Netherlands), with over 30 employees. They stand for short communication lines and their team is closely involved with their customers.

They advise not only on accountancy or tax matters, but also on international business, corporate finance, business controlling, payroll administration, legal advice, due diligence, HR advice and personnel services.

SmitsVandenBroek has been a member of SRA for several years and is among the few offices in their region that hold an AFM license to perform statutory audit assignments. Their clients belong to various branches, and their diverse customer package offers the team excellent opportunities to continuously broaden their knowledge.

One of the spearheads on an international level is their experience in (tax) advice in doing business in Curaçao. Their goal is to bring their knowledge of doing business in Curaçao to the attention of fellow offices.

Why did you join SRA International / INAA?

Membership of SRA International and the INAA Group gives the opportunity to bring clients who operate internationally into contact with other international colleagues.

SmitsVandenBroek strive to be a high-quality partner for fellow offices and find it essential to be able to introduce their international clients and to connect them with the SRA and INAA network.

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