July 17, 2019

Welcome our Newest Members Drummond Advisors


Over the last two years, here at INAA, we’ve actively recruited new members in the USA and abroad. So, we’re delighted to introduce our newest members — Drummond Advisors.

Drummond Advisors is a global firm with offices in Miami, New York, Orlando, Boston, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

Meet the Multidisciplinary Team at Drummond Advisors

Drummond Advisors’ multidisciplinary team spans two global markets, with experience and certifications for working in the United States and Brazil.

Their team of accountants, lawyers, managers and consultants specialise in international business, which enables Drummond to have a broad and thorough understanding of the challenges involved in international transactions. They’ve worked on projects involving accounting standards (US GAAP vs IFRS-International Standards), tax, legal and market analysis.

Why Drummond Advisors Joined INAA

We always enjoy feedback from our members. So, we asked Drummond Advisors why they chose to become a member. Here’s what they had to say:

“We’re joining INAA to expand our networking beyond the countries where we operate, to meet the demands of our current customers and collaborate with other companies.”

Follow this link to browse their website

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