Share Impact Accountants

We are Share Impact Accountants a new player in the Dutch Audit market, but one with a lot of experience. We started in 2017. It is our mission to change the accountancy sector in the Netherlands and to achieve a social impact. Our office can best be described as modern and people-oriented. Quality comes first, but maintaining a manageable workload is just as important. We are a network organization and we work with flexible teams. Trust and responsibility are an essential aspect of everything we do.

We do not do complicated cross- pollinations, but remain close to the core of our profession:  accountancy. We are driven by a social focus and the desire to carry out the role of an accountant the way it was originally intended – back to the basics. Therefore earning money and the system are no longer a priority, and the client and the social responsibility of the accountant come first. To get the maximum out of our work for our clients, at Share Impact Accountants we only work with experienced people who have made a name for themselves in the profession. Our clients will get their money’s worth: experience, high quality, social involvement and honest advice. With our customers we share a commitment to society and a desire to change something in the world.

There is a special place in the heart of Share Impact Accountants for social enterprises. Therefore, we have made a conscious choice to be active for clients that place society and people first. This could be in ICT, automotive, energy, logistics, collaborative economy, retail, education or health & welfare services. But other companies that share our ideas are also welcome. Sustainability is of particular importance for us. With our customers, we share a commitment to society and a desire to change something in the world. Full service we provide through our network.


Main expertise

Auditing - Not for profit organisations

Secondary expertise

Auditing - Not for profit organisations

Specialised expertise

  • Accounts preparation - Limited company
  • Accounts preparation - Not for profit organisations
  • Accounts preparation - Public sector
  • Auditing - Limited company
  • Auditing - Not for profit organisations
  • Auditing - Public sector
  • Special - Management consultancy
  • Special - Training

Languages spoken

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish


Chartered Accountant/CPA certified by the Dutch Instutute of Auditors/Accountants


Dutch CPA

Professional Activity

Auditing en advising

Community Activity

Supervisory board member