April 20, 2015

Report on the Audit Forum in Barcelona, 27th March 2015


The audit forum was held on Friday 27th March at the Hisperia Tower Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The forum provided an opportunity for a very close working relationship between the tax and the audit delegates.

Our lecture theatre style discussions and debate continued throughout the day and we discussed a number of topical issues including:-

  • Taxes in the board room (joint presentation with tax forum)
  • INAA’s on-going participation within the EGIAN network
  • Data analysis and audit efficiency – software presentation by Caseware
  • Value added services for clients and the future of audit
  • Initiatives for audit staff – how do you retain talent

The forum continues to be the opportunity for delegates to discuss technical issues that have a direct impact on their businesses. The delegates also set the draft agenda for the next forum that will be held in Munich in October 2015.

The audit forum is totally directed and driven by members. There is plenty of opportunity to continue to network with peers and at the same time strengthen the voice of the network. There are many more proposals for changes in our industry and what better place to discuss how to deal with them at a forum, where we can all share our experiences.

The presentations and other accompanying materials will be uploaded onto the INAA website, so please have a look at the information.

I welcome ideas for future topics and events and also invite members to present these topics.

I very much look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Autumn forum that will be held in Munich.

Mark Hubbocks - Wagstaffs

EGIAN meeting

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