September 18, 2018

Report on European Tax & Audit Forum


The European Tax & Audit Forum took place in Lyon, France, on the 11th and 12th of September, and was definitely a great event, with almost 50 attendees attending from the whole continent.

INAA took the chance to set up this forum the day before Absoluce's annual meeting, allowing our French members to easily attend the event.
Special thanks to the Absoluce team, who made this possible, and invited Nadège to present INAA to all of their members on Thursday.

English courses

Following the success of the first edition in Amsterdam last year, the first day was dedicated to English courses with experienced language tutors. 14 attendees enjoyed this opportunity, coming from France, Italy, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands, and were really enthusiastic about this session.
 After the entire day in face-to-face learning they were offered a 3 months membership to a very efficient e-learning tool: 7Speaking to help them progress further with their learning.

We hope you'll be able to attend the future sessions! Meanwhile, if you were not able to attend this one, and want to improve your English with this e-learning solution, you can enjoy it at a lowered cost! Don't hesitate to contact Nadège to set up your membership. See a short video presentation below:

Business session

Almost 50 delegates and staff members attended this Tax & Audit Forum in the lovely city of Lyon, with really high level presentations! You will find below a short summary, as well as the links to download the slides. Feel free to share this really interesting content with your staff! The links contain all of the information necessary for those who were unfortunate enough to miss the event this year.

Presentations Summary

The rules of evaluation of companies in France and how the evaluating barometer can help you?
Alain Migot (Secef / Absoluce, France)

Lyon 2018 - The Rules of evaluation of companies in France - Alain Migot

Data analytics: what benefits for your company? A case study by Schuiteman
Gert de Fluiter (Schuiteman, the Netherlands) and Wilbert van Leeuwen (Peacock Insights)

Lyon 2018 - Audit Analytics case study - Financial Control Accelerator - Gert de Fluiter and Wilbert van Leeuwen

Tax-deductible charges for companies
Rudi Fievet (Auditis / Absoluce, France)

Lyon 2018 - 2-Tax-deductlibe charges for companies in France - Rudi Fievet

Tax : the EU Directive for Tax Intermediaries
Marina Serrat (Becerra Advocats, Spain)

Lyon 2018 - Amendments on directive of administrative cooperation (DAC6) - Marina Serrat

Audit reforms in France
Philippe Dandon (Auditis / Absoluce, France) and Pierre Gérard (Seca-Forez / Absoluce, France)

Lyon 2018 - Audit reforms in France - Philippe Dandon & Pierre Gérard

Basic notions of GDPR
Joan Balaguer (Becerra Advocats, Spain)

Lyon 2018 - Basic notions of GDPR - Joan Balaguer

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