July 25, 2019

North American Forum report


North American Forum report

July 25, 2019


Last week, we escaped to the city that never sleeps. Beneath the soaring skyscrapers and amongst iconic attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Centre, INAA held its North American Forum.

As one of the world’s largest and perhaps most exciting cities, New York was a natural choice of venue. Great writers, philosophers and musicians have always called New York home. It’s bred cultural, artistic as well as historical movements.

So, our meeting of the minds at Janover blended in perfectly with the New York trendy vibe.

Welcoming Faces From Across the Globe

Our North American Forum attracted people from far-flung places as well as native New Yorkers.
As we mingled over hot coffee and drinks at night, we created a community of friends, allies and like-minded business professionals.

Thought-Provoking Topics

We welcomed several expert speakers throughout the day. They delivered some fascinating, thought-provoking talks on a broad range of financial subjects. Most of these topics had a direct impact on our working lives and how we envision our future as accountants.

Changes Occurring in Public Accounting: New Ways of Working

Karen Koedding, VP of Operations at Janover, explored some of the trends shaping the public accounting industry. With a strong mission to urge us to change, Karen explained why failing to invest in your firm's future could sabotage your current success. She argued that we must continue to improve and look for new ways of working, services and mindsets to keep our firms relevant and competitive.

Download the presentation (members only)

Bridging the CPA Generational Gap

Kira Copperman LSMW, author of Gen-Speak: Communication Strategies for the New Generational Mix at Work and Send/Receive/Confirm, joined us to discuss how accounting firms can attract and retain the next generation of talent. As Baby Boomers begin to retire, it’s becoming increasingly important for Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Zers to get along. This next generation must find ways to collaborate and work together, certainly not an easy task.

Kira provided some very useful insights into each generation’s strengths and weaknesses. She also explored how we can harness their individual traits to create a productive, successful workplace.

Download the presentation (members only)

Overview of International Tax Law Changes Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)

Carola Knoll CPA Director at Janover LLC discussed theTax Cuts and Jobs Act, one of the most significant changes in tax law since the big Tax Reform Act of 1986. Throughout her discussion, she provided useful advice on how accountants can advise international clients about this massive change and what it might mean for your firm.

We walked away with some important guidance on how we, as tax professionals, can weather this massive change.

Download the presentation (members only)

Data Analytics

Chris Zingalli CPA, Senior Manager and member of the assurance department at Janover LLC, introduced us to the world of data analytics and one of the industry’s leading data visualisation tools, Tableau.

As the ongoing digital revolution transforms the world of accounting, data analytics and business intelligence are quickly becoming a popular, in-demand service. Chris also provided advice based on his experiences in data analytics on how firms can support clients to create custom data-driven insights and optimise results.

Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Taxing

Ivy Menchel, CFP, CBEC, CDFA, explained her approach to running an emotionally savvy, objective focused firm including how accounts can support clients through a divorce.

As a trusted advisor, accountants are often faced with the task of helping clients navigate and mitigate the financial and emotional impact of getting divorced. Ivy’s talk provided us with new and creative approaches to minimising any risk and weathering this massive life event. So, we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients and practices.

Download the presentation (members only)

Technology for the Future Minded Firm

Dominic Rovano, CPA, CGMA looked at some of the ways technology is changing the way we collaborate and work with our clients. He argued that we’re currently experiencing a technological revolution, which is encouraging accounting firms to increasingly adopt new devices, software and digital tools.

While this certainly creates opportunities, it also presents challenges around data security and client relationships. How we address these challenges will define our ability to drive the digital revolution.

Download the presentation (members only)

Estate & Gift Tax Issues

As a Janover LLC senior tax partner, saying Elliott Glass, CPA, JD has extensive experience with estate and gift tax would be an understatement.

Throughout his discussion, Elliot drew off his impressive background to provide us with interesting insights into some common and not so common gift and estate topics. He talked about planning ideas, including examples of how some techniques can be used in combination to leverage results.

He also explored how estate and gift tax changes impact residents of - or anyone owning property - in the tri-state area.

Download the presentation (members only)

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