Discover the Benefits of a Membership
for Accountants & Auditors

Smaller and mid-tier firms can join together and take on larger, competitor firms by establishing their own association of international accountants and auditors.

As an international accounting association of independent firms with more than 25 years experience, becoming a member of INAA is an excellent way to help your organisation not only gain essential credibility, but international visibility too.

INAA members receive exclusive access to a platform to exhibit your finance expertise and be a part of an organisation that demonstrates your credibility and reliability. We supply you with the tools you need to thrive in an ever-changing global business climate and help you identify new opportunities for business partnerships and joint ventures.

Here at INAA, our members benefit from a wide range of geographical and financial advantages. We make global business personal and take personal business global.

Accounting Membership Body in Numbers

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total business referred
more than
of referrals are recurring
An average of
new clients each year
of our members gained access to new markets
get help from another member in another country
of members make new connections
have worked on joint projects

Accounting & Audit Group Membership Tools

As a valued INAA member, you will have access to a huge variety of accounting and auditing tools guaranteed to take your organisation to newfound heights.

Discover the available tools in our Members Area below.


Use our intranet to quickly find other INAA members and start building your network. Our intranet also gives you exclusive access to private industry news. In our members’ area, you can discuss trends and communicate ideas with like-minded financial organisations across the globe.

INAA is made up of accountancy and finance organisations of all shapes and sizes. We actively encourage smaller and mid-tier firms to work and collaborate together to take on larger firms.

Joining an accounting membership body can increase your client-base through member referrals and strategic alliances, while establishing your organisation as a confident and credible player in the world of finance.

Our intranet is how we bring together our international association of accountants and auditors to create these opportunities.

Professional Webinars

INAA is home to independent accounting firms, who are all committed to delivering quality professional accounting and auditing services and sharing industry best-practices and knowledge.

As an INAA member, you’ll get exclusive invites to professional webinars throughout the calendar year on a whole host of fascinating topics. From international tax refresher panels to cybersecurity essentials, our webinars are certain to capture your attention and provide meaningful value.

Knowledge Base

With expertise from around the globe, INAA members receive round-the-clock access to trusted industry expertise, thought-leadership articles and exclusive insights to help you improve your practice and run a successful organisation.

Our knowledge base boasts a wealth of technical documents to assist and improve the accounting and auditing practices, procedures and processes across your organisation. You’ll also find a collection of useful strategy and communication tools containing over 25 years of research.

To support our global mission, your INAA membership also includes access to accounting and finance guides for most countries where we have a member. We currently have 140 members across 50 different countries. Finding international opportunities has never been simpler.

Regular Newsletters

As an INAA member, you will receive a subscription to our regular newsletter so you’ll get the latest news on accounting, tax and auditing sent straight to your inbox. In our newsletter, you’ll find current articles, invaluable financial insights, and interviews with leading industry professionals.

Members News

Given the current market competitiveness, it’s never been more important for firms to find new ways to leverage their existing services and intellectual capacities. As an INAA member, you’ll have the opportunity to meet market challenges and stay up-to-date with current industry trends and changes.

Stay informed on industries overseas along with new market developments as they develop. As part of INAA, you’ll get exclusive access to information on new business ventures and strategies which will shape your approach to accountancy and finance well into the future.

INAA Conferences

INAA holds two member-only conferences each year to discuss international tax, accounting and audit related topics. Our members thoroughly enjoy the chance to get together and build relationships.

Our member-only conferences provide the perfect opportunity to increase the visibility of your organisation and have a real say in the future of finance. At our conference you will get to know other experts in the field, engage in fascinating discussions and refine your own ideas.

INAA e-Talks

Attending in-person events is not always a realistic possibility so in addition to our conferences held twice a year, INAA members also receive access to regular regional e-meetings.

During these sessions we’ll discuss a range of different professional topics as well as offer you and your organisation the chance to benefit from a platform where you can share your views and insights.