Discover the Benefits of a Membership
for Accountants & Auditors

Smaller and mid-tier firms can join together and take on larger, competitor firms by establishing their own association of international accountants and auditors.

Joining an accounting membership body can increase your client-base through member referrals and strategic alliances.

INAA holds two member-only conferences each year to discuss international tax, accounting and audit topics.

Meeting like-minded auditing & accounting professional provides you with new and powerful practice development tools. Each member can benefit from the geographical and financial advantages available when smaller accounting & auditing firms band together.

In the current competitive climate, firms need to find new ways to leverage their existing services and intellectual capacities. Becoming a member at an association of international accountants, such as INAA, provides the perfect opportunity to meet market challenges.

Accounting Membership Body in Numbers

combined total income
total business referred
more than
of referrals are recurring
An average of
new clients each year
of our members gained access to new markets
get help from another member in another country
of members make new connections
have worked on joint projects

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