May 9, 2022

How to Create a Fresh Rebrand for Your Firm


The accounting industry is saturated, and clients have endless options when selecting who they want to help with their finances. To attract more clients, accounting firms must give them a reason to pick them over others. This is where branding comes in.

Branding plays a crucial role in creating new business opportunities and attracting clients. Consistent brand representation has been seen to increase revenue by 33%. However, it’s not enough to simply develop a brand once and leave it. As markets and business strategies change, ensuring your brand also evolves is essential.

In this article, we’ll discuss branding for accounting firms, including why it’s important and how to rebrand your firm to stay relevant and competitive.

What is Branding?

Branding refers to creating a strong and positive perception of your firm and services in the client’s mind. A strong brand needs a memorable logo, design and mission statement, and a consistent theme across all marketing materials.

Furthermore, it’s good to incorporate a brand story, a compelling narrative about how the firm got to where it is now. Recount the events that sparked your firm’s inception and express how that narrative still drives your mission today.

Why is Branding Important for Accounting Firms?

Effective branding enables companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and build a loyal client base by defining how to appeal to their target market.

Presenting your firm consistently across all materials, channels, and platforms also increases brand recognition –– how easily people recognise your brand. Colours, specifically, can enhance brand recognition by up to 80%.

Branding also allows your firm to demonstrate a more human side, which clients can relate to. When done well, your brand will appeal to people’s emotions and make them feel more connected to your firm.

When developing a solid brand for your accounting firm, consider the following:

  • Target Audience: who you’d most like to bring on as a client.
  • Brand Positioning: how you position your firm in the minds of clients, investors, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Unique Selling Point: the reasons clients should choose your firm over other companies.

It’s important to note that a powerful brand today may not pack the same punch in a few months or years. As your accounting firm grows and the market evolves, a need for rebranding may arise.

What Does a Rebrand Mean?

Rebranding is a marketing strategy where a company updates branding elements (name, logo, colours, concept, or a combination) to develop a new, differentiated identity in the market.

Even the strongest brands have a shelf life due to vagrancies in the market, shifting client priorities, and a range of other forces beyond our control. Sometimes, rebrands are necessary to keep up with modern trends and unlock new growth opportunities. A rebrand also offers older, more established firms a chance to reinvent their image and stay competitive.

When Should You Consider a Rebrand?

Determining when the timing is suitable for a rebrand is easier said than done. However, one of the most obvious signs your firm is ready for a rebrand is if any of your brand elements, including your logo, colours, or name, no longer reflect your brand vision.

Furthermore, if your firm struggles to differentiate itself from its competitors, a rebrand helps redefine your unique selling point and the most effective methods for highlighting it to your audience. Another reason to consider rebranding is if your firm plans to take a new business direction that doesn’t align with the current branding strategy.

Generally speaking, it’s time to consider a rebrand if, for whatever reason, your firm begins to lose revenue or clients. When sales start to dry up, and awareness of your firm diminishes, rebranding can be the solution that brings your reputation and profits back up. Often, the first sign rebranding may be necessary is when you begin asking the question.

How to Conduct a Successful Rebrand

The first step to a successful rebrand is to conduct market research to understand what the accounting industry looks like today and become aware of crucial changes that may affect your firm.

Once you comprehend the current market, examine your brand to uncover areas that no longer serve the company well. For example, your logo and font may be outdated, or your tone of voice too formal. Or perhaps, your mission statement no longer aligns with the firm’s mission. Take time to examine every aspect of your branding and list the areas needing an upgrade.

It’s important to note that significant modifications, such as a name change, can lead to a loss of brand recognition and organic website traffic in one fell swoop. Therefore, it’s crucial to include a post-rebrand recovery plan with such a substantial change to sidestep these pitfalls. A good strategy is to keep your clients and general audience in the loop throughout your rebranding process rather than dropping the news on them when you launch. This way, your audience feels involved and has an opportunity to query anything that concerns them.

Furthermore, launching a rebrand is more complicated than simply updating the logo and style; it’s also about how you communicate these changes to your audience. People need to understand what these changes mean in practice, so it’s important to be clear about your new mission, vision, and values. The key is to explain why your firm went through the rebrand and how it will help serve your clients better.

Finally, consider which platforms and marketing methods will be most effective in presenting your new brand to the public. Will you create TV advertisements, launch campaigns on social media, host a launch event, or all of the above? Determine the methods based on where your target audience is most likely to see your updates.

Ultimately, rebranding a business requires careful planning to ensure it’s executed favourably. But, a well-done rebrand can revolutionise how your firm is perceived. It can also help you remain consistent and on-brand across your marketing and communications.

With this information at your disposal, is it time to rebrand your firm?

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