HCAT – INAA member in Israel – becomes H2CAT

February 15, 2019


As of January 1, 2019, HCat is joined by Mr Eyal Horoviz, CPA (Israel) who will head up their accounting and compliance department.

Eyal brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience and will be dedicated to provide quality accounting and outsourced CFO services to their clients.
Leon Harris will fully support Eyal. In addition, Leon will head up the tax and consulting department providing quality international tax advice and other strategic advisory services.

We are living in changing times: e-commerce, automated accounting, increased demands from the Israeli Tax Authority, hence this new structure. The name of the combined firm providing you these services is Harris Horoviz Consulting Ltd. It will be based in Ramat Gan and Petach Tikva - which are centrally located to service their clients. They will of course continue to meet all their commitments to clients.

In the coming year, they will provide additional useful services we believe are in demand – cash flow management, budgeting, fundraising, brokering acquisitions and global tax compliance in this digital age.

Follow this link to the firm's profile on the INAA website.