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  • Catalan, English, Spanish, French, Italian
    • Accounts preparation - Limited company
    • Accounts preparation - Not for profit organisations
    • Auditing - Limited company
    • Payroll
    • Special - Business valuations
    • Special - Corporate finance
    • Special - Management consultancy
    • Special - Training
    • Tax - Estate
    • Tax - International
    • Tax - Corporate compliance
    • Tax - Corporate consultancy
    • Tax - Personal compliance
    • Tax - Personal consultancy
    • Tax - Sales


Becerra Group is a medium size legal and accounting counsel firm. Organized in several companies, the client is able to choose which services it is interested in.

Becerra Advocats is made up by:

  • Tax and Commercial Law Department.

Other companies and services of our Group:

  • Becerra Procedural Law
  • Becerra Labor Law
  • Becerra Economists

Becerra Advocats is  located at Avenida Diagonal, 399 4º 2º, 08008 Barcelona. Our law firm is in the business center of Barcelona, well connected by public and private transportation and with the services necessary as the most important Registries and Notaries Public, for the development of our functions effectively and quickly.

Our clients are both situated in Spanish territory and abroad. Although corporations are our main business, individuals are also a substantial part of our customers to whom we are able to provide a complete services scope.

Our offices

Contact details

Becerra Group Barcelona

C/ Corsega, 299, 1
E-080008 Barcelona

+34 93 317 0420

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Our representatives

Our representatives are your privileged partners and intermediaries within the company. As essential links in the international chain formed by our INAA members, they will be able to answer all your questions on accounting or auditing matters or direct you to the appropriate personnel according to your needs.

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