September 19, 2019

Why Cyprus provides the ideal climate for foreign investments


Escape to the Meditteranean island of Cyprus, discover a land steeped in history, idyllic natural beauty and culinary delights, and enjoy some unique investment benefits !

Located South of Turkey and Greece, Cyprus has a lot to offer visitors. You can spend your days sunbathing on sandy beaches, swimming in aqua seas or diving beneath the waves to meet turtles and other local wildlife.

A visit to Cyprus allows you to relax, unwind and live your best life. You might even discover an exciting business venture awaiting you in this heavenly paradise.

Introducing Cyprus & its People

Covering more than 9,000 square meters, Cyprus is home to 854,802 people. Locals speak a mixture of Greek, Turkish and of course English.

As part of the EU, most people don’t need a visa to visit Cyprus. And if you’re coming from another Eurozone country, you can use the Euro here.

Investing in Cyprus

Cyprus’ close location to Mainland Europe makes it an ideal place to invest. The country has a stable economy, access to top talent and all of the leading European markets, and also offers an attractive tax regime.

Did you know that you receive a 12.5% corporate tax rate? And, don’t have to pay taxes on profits from disposals of securities?

Investing in Cyprus certainly provides some unique benefits. It’s not surprising that so many people choose to invest here. Cyprus has several exciting, growing markets including tourism, investment funds, shipping, real estate, ICT and energy sectors, to name a few.

Five Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

Before you commit, it’s essential to know some of the top reasons for investing in Cyprus.

  1. Booming Property Market. Cyprus has a burgeoning property market with a 6% growth last year. Most investments are high-end and from foreign individuals.
  2. Growing Investment Funds Jurisdiction. Cyprus has flexible fund structures, low set-up and operational costs, and protects investors -- making it an ideal choice for fund investment. The number of assets under management increased by 70% from 2013 to 2018.
  3. Positive Economic Forecast. Cyprus benefits from a strong GDP with a 4% growth last year. Unemployment rates are also very low at approximately 7% — all in all, a fantastic forecast for Cyprus’ economy.
  4. Robust Banking Sector. With a banking sector that fully complies with EU regulations, Cyprus boasts an excellent financial industry. All leading banks have passed successive, rigorous ECB stress testing. So you can rest assured that your capital and assets are in good hands.
  5. Excellent Business Support Services. Despite the island’s small size, Cyprus is home to several qualified accountants and lawyers. Its robust network of financial and professional service professionals makes it easy to manage your investment.
    Learn More about Investing in Cyprus

Ready to learn more? Download the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency brochure "Invest Cyprus" to get the inside scoop on investing in Cyprus. Click the link below to access your brochure.

Why Cyprus Provides the Ideal Climate for Foreign Investments

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