Welcome to the world of INAA

November 28, 2022

Accessing technology and creating international networks has never been more important, with 80% of professionals believing that it actually elevates career success. So, how do you grow your accountancy network to reach new heights across the globe? Enter: the International Accounting Association. 

In this article, we’re going to explore our own International Accounting Association, or INAA as we’re more commonly known, take a closer look at who we are and what we do, and just what we’re looking for when it comes to our members. 

Read on to find out more about INAA, and how we can connect you to a world of accountancy professionals.

Who We Are

Today’s Junior Accountants are largely from Generation Z. Born from the late 90s through to the early noughties, this cohort are highly-educated digital natives who, according to the Pew Research Centre, value inclusivity, fairness and sincerity

Evidencing these traits throughout your hiring strategy is essential because it can help you appeal to this new demographic of working professionals and ensure your firm is competitive.
Today’s hiring pressures will likely linger since accountancy is a highly-skilled profession, so you need to be proactive about onboarding new talent. 

Interestingly, the oldest Gen Zers are only in their early 20s, meaning the shifts we’ll come to see in the labour market for junior accountants is only just beginning. That’s why it’s important to get ahead now and consider what you can do to perfect your junior accountant recruitment.

How to adapt your junior accountant recruitment strategy

For over 25 years, the International Accounting Association has been successfully building a network of independent accounting and auditing firms, helping them to expand their businesses and services across the globe. 

With over 140 members spanning across 5 continents around the globe, the INAA Group connects like-minded firms, allowing the sharing and collaboration of experts across multiple fields of accounting and auditing. 

Thinking beyond the borders is what we do. So, not only do we connect our members with  local and specialist resources, we expand their knowledge by inviting them to learn from other leaders in wider fields across the globe. This allows our members to offer worldwide support in ever-expanding accountancy and audit fields, removing any language barriers or limitations.

One of our key missions is to spread the knowledge of taxation, auditing and accountancy knowledge as far as the eye can see. So, over local, regional and international events held each year, we strive to link and share expertise, promoting good connections through our 680 partners and 4200+ employees, as well as members alike. With all this talent in one area, growing beyond your own borders has never been easier.

What we do

As one of the world’s largest professional accounting associations, we offer a variety of different services to nurture and grow our member businesses. As a member of INAA, you will have the opportunity to access a huge bank of accounting and auditing tools that you can use to take your business to the next-level. 

Our Intranet services have given 90% of our members the chance to connect with like minded professionals, who often enter collaborations with other small and mid-tier firms to become formidable competition against larger firms in the market. Through our Intranet, you’ll be able to access our Knowledge Base, which is built from over 25 years of expertise from around the globe in areas like strategy, communication and thought-leadership. 

We also act as a hub for the latest news and updates from the accounting world. Through regular newsletters and more, we enable our members to stay ahead of the games with invaluable financial insights, industry trends, and exclusive information on new strategies and business ventures to help shape future approaches to accountancy on a global scale. 

What’s more, exclusive to members, we offer two INAA conferences each year and seven local and international meetings around the globe, which cover the latest innovations in international tax, accounting and audits. As well as giving members the chance to connect with other players in the industry and refine your understanding of different strategies, our meetings and conferences offer a unique chance to increase the visibility of your business too, and even your local knowledge and culture of the host regions. 

There are also a number of INAA e-talks that we run each year, as we take advantage of the digital age. These, much like our conferences, are a platform that allows our members to discuss relevant professional topics,m and share thoughts and insights.

Our members

At INAA, our members are individually assessed through their application submissions to ensure that they meet a high standard of professional criteria, building a network of passionate individuals, as well as capable and innovative businesses. 

As a result, we ensure that all our members have the required qualifications to carry out work to a professional standard within their home country, have the relevant staff and facilities to provide efficient services to the public, and other members of the INAA, and hold adequate professional indemnity insurance too.

We hold our code of conduct in high esteem throughout our events and activities to ensure that our members are driving forward together, making beneficial connections and reputable business relationships. We push solidarity and commitment within our membership communities, promoting the common interests of our peers and the mutual respect and trust between members, as well as ensuring that transparency through our working relationships is maintained at all times. 

We are big believers in citizenship and respected business behaviour. The INNA offers a professional environment and ensuring that all our members follow ethical business behaviour and inclusion, as well as maintaining the respect of patents, copyrights, exclusive trademarks, as well as requiring that all member businesses are practising appropriate taxation, VAT, and insurance certifications in line with the IFAC Code of Ethics.

As a result, we expect a high level of reliability within our member communities, allowing constant innovation and enabling partnerships for continued business growth across the sector.

To sum up

In a world that has been hindered by global pandemics and political unrest of late, it’s great to get a chance to re-introduce our organisation into the marketplace, and we find that in times of uncertainty or fallout, that it’s more important than ever to be able to lean on trusted business communities to further growth.

At the International Association of Accountancy, we want to help you get to the next level in your business. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about what becoming an INAA member can do for your business, or you want to apply to join our community of accountants, auditors, and consultants, visit our join us page today.