Think business, think global

July 2, 2012

One of the biggest benefits of being an INAA member is the opportunity to refer business on a worldwide basis.  An excellent example of this was realised last month when a long-standing client of Stevenage-based INAA member, Wagstaffs, identified a business opportunity in Sydney, Australia.  Wagstaffs then linked up with our INAA member in Australia, Spry Roughley, who were able to provide the client with all the essential information they needed in terms of business set-up, structure, ownership and cost.  To provide additional support to the client, a Spry Roughley manager worked with Wagstaffs in the UK for six months.

Mark Hubbocks, a partner at Wagstaffs, commented: “In recent years, we’ve seen that the world is a much smaller place to do business than it once was.  Indeed, most economic commentators are saying that the best way out of recession is for UK businesses to adopt an export-led recovery.  So, together with our clients, we need to fully embrace the wider global market place in order to secure long term success.

“This recent INAA referral enabled Wagstaffs to be perceived as being able to manage business on an international basis, rather than simply offering a UK-based service.  This is the main reason that we joined INAA – to enable us to have a worldwide reach for our clients.”