October 9, 2017

The INAA Traveller visits some SRA members in the Netherlands

2017 November 7 & 8: Maas Accountants, Den Haag (website)

Maas Accountants are auditors and tax advisers providing professional services in the Netherlands.

Their main areas of expertise include the following:

Accountancy services:

  • Audit services
  • Financial accounting services
  • Compilation of statutory accounts
  • Filing of statutory accounts with Chamber of Commerce
  • Payroll processing
  • VAT Registration and Filing in the Netherlands.

Establishment of a Business

Company Formation in the Netherlands and related services:

  • opening of bank accounts,
  • initial advice regarding best company type to be incorporated in the Netherlands,
  • shareholder structure,
  • advice related to the taxation of individuals and corporate entities.
  • integrated and efficient solution regarding taxation in The Netherlands.

Payroll Processing in the Netherlands

The services include

  • payroll processing for Dutch employees,
  • completing statutory forms (including year end returns to issue to your employees and for submission to the National Revenue Agency),
  • reviewing and monitoring of staff costs.

Say the 3 partners:

"The Netherlands holds many practical advantages as a base for your European subsidiary.

  • Attractive tax rulings for foreign investors
  • The Netherlands as acknowledged world trade centre for Europe
  • Well educated work force
  • English as the business language
  • Geographical position (main port for the European continent)

Maas Accountants specialize in corporate finance and tax preparation for foreign companies doing business in Europe. For over 15 years we have guided small to medium sized enterprises through complex and unfamiliar Dutch processes with:

  • Cost saving advice on Dutch investment incentives
  • Outsourced financial set up and management
  • Information needed to comply with government requirements
  • Preparation of required contracts and forms
  • Native fluency in the Dutch language

Unlike the small business practices of multinational accounting firms we provide customized services and develop close working relationships with our clients.

As a result, Maas Accountants serve as the main point of financial contact between headquarters and its Dutch subsidiary.

We allow your employees to concentrate on growing your core business and we provide continuity through staffing changes."

From left to right: Hans Maas, Hans Lipman, Has de Wilde

Hans Maas RA

Founder of Maas Accountants and specialised in international taxation and not for profit sector

Hans Lipman RA

Partner specialised in international audit and accounting engagements.

Hans de Wilde AA

Specialised in coaching internaional start-up clients and company formations.

Doing Business in the Netherlands

Maas Accountants edit a detailed manual on how to set up your business in the Netherlands.
Feel free to leaf through the document here and enjoy your reading.

2017 November 6 & 7: Share Impact Accountants, Den Haag (webiste)

Share Impact Accountants is an initiative of former partners and directors of EY and Deloitte, who started a new audit firm on 1 November 2016. We are member of SRA-International, member firm of INAA Group.

For clients and for ourselves, we want to make a positive contribution to society. What makes us different is the way in which we carry out our work in practice. We distinguish ourselves in the market through strong social involvement, where sustainability is an important element. For example, we have committed ourselves to a new initiative  where we spend 5% of our added value in hours or money on organizations that we support with our knowledge. By means of 'pay forward', our efforts will be passed on by the organizations we have helped.

We believe in the power of connection, sharing and collaboration in the chain. In our vision, the relationship of trust with the client is crucial. This means that there must be an open dialog with our clients based on mutual trust. This creates respect for each other's responsibilities. In this manner we are best able to provide our services and we are therefore, in addition to the actual audit activities, also able to fulfill our natural advisory function for our clients.

What does that mean for our clients 

  • We deliver on our commitments. The clients schedule is our leader; our commitment and attention to individual clients ensures that our clients have our products on time.
  • Continuity of service and team: our compact, experienced team of two auditors ensures that clients have a stable team at work.
  • Direct communication: the communication lines are short, which means that no "noise" could occur.
  • We have direct expertise in our audit team in the field of all kind of organizations.
  • We can assure clients of the quality of our services because we adhere to the following principles:
  • High and visible involvement of the responsible auditor.
  • Two-auditor model: for all of our audit assignments we have two auditors working together to perform the audit and they are able to completely replace each other where necessary. This ensures continuity and quality and makes peer review a continuous process.
  • We only work with experienced staff members who are familiar with the industry of the client.
  • Working in a motivated and pleasurable manner is important for us.
  • For our audit clients we only provide assurance services.
  • Our services are governed by the NBA (Dutch Institutes of auditors) and comply with the requirements in all respects.
  • We recently received the Wta licence from the AFM (oversight body in the Netherlands) which authorises us to carry out legal statutory audits.
  • Sustainability and impact are important starting points for our work.
  • Well-considered choices regarding our client portfolio which will remain manageable in size

As we work with a two-auditor model for every assignment, continuity, quality and a stable working team are guaranteed.


Developments in society are subject to stringent requirements regarding the independence of auditors. Share Impact Accountants fully endorses these requirements.

We are an assurance-only office. However, we offer access to specialists and if necessary we will also hire specialists for our work, such as a tax specialist or a sustainability specialist. This allows us to ensure an independent, critical attitude which leaves no room for a conflict of interest.

Hugo Hollander RA, partner

In 2016 Hugo set up its own audit firm. Before that, Hugo has been a partner at EY for 14 years and has had various roles including office president of The Hague office. As an auditor, he has also been active with sustainability. Hugo has experience in various sectors and in (social) organizations and in both the non-profit and business sectors. He is a member of supervisory boards which enables him to be very aware of the dynamics of supervisory boards and can therefore act as a sounding board for management and supervisory board.

Erik Arxhoek RA, partner

Over the last ten years, before joining Share Impact, Erik has been Director at Deloitte and has had various roles, especially at the interface between the public and the private sector. He has worked in the greater Amsterdam area. Erik has experience in various sectors and in (charitable) organizations, in both the non-profit and business sectors.

Eric Westhoek, IT-auditor

Eric has specialized himself after his auditor’s exam in IT-auditing.  Because his extended knowledge of the audit practise combined with the IT knowledge makes Eric a very valuable member of our team. He has deep insight knowledge of financial bookkeeping ERP systems, business models, business processes and has been involved in IT audits for several sectors and companies. As of 2013 he is also lector at the Tilburg University education IT audits to young students studying to become a chartered accountant

Kees Schoutens, Manager

For years Kees Schoutens has been responsible for the (subsidy) audits of EY. He is now working with Share Impact Accountants to ensure the (subsidy) audits are conducted at a high level of quality

Carolien Gadella van Wersch, sustainability specialist

Carolien has about 20 years of experience in sustainability, particularly from a strategic perspective. After a role within the sustainability team of Nike, she worked as a boutique consultant firm. Within this firm she had a leading position in the field of sustainability and she continued in this role after the takeover of this firm by EY. Recently, she set up consultancy agency Double Purpose

Klaas-Jan Visser, (international) tax specialist

Klaas-Jan is a driven tax professional focused on advice and guidance of socially acceptable (international) tax structures. His strengths lie in guiding complex fiscal change processes and explaining complex (international) tax issues.

Jan Jagtenberg, (general) tax specialist

Jan has extensive experience in resolving tax issues for organizations in the profit and not for profit sector (foundations & associations). His expertise includes, among others, tax obligation and negotiations with the tax authorities. He handles issues involving wage tax, (corporate) income tax, dividend tax, transfer tax, company tax and gift and inheritance tax. In his work he focuses on business law, accounting law, labour law, family law and contract law.

2017 November 3: Astrium Accountants, Zoetermeer (website)

Company description

Astrium Group is a company under which 35 dedicated professionals offer a high-quality service at which personal involvement is of the utmost importance.

We have two offices in the Netherlands: Zoetermeer and Heerenveen.


Astrium's clients are small and medium-sized enterprises, governments and non-profit organizations (especially educational institutions and foundations) which all profit from our expertise.

Regulations / memberships

Astrium has the required AFM-license for carrying out legal audits.

All the CPA’s are qualified auditors and listed to the national institute of CPA’s in the Netherlands, Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants (NBA).

Our IT-auditors are listed by the national institute of IT-auditors in the Netherlands (NOREA).

Astrium Accountants is a member of the INAA-group (www.inaa.org), which is an international association of independent accounting firms. Astrium Accountants is also a member of the SRA (www.sra.nl).

The SRA is national association of 370 independent audit / accounting firms whose prime purpose is to assist businesses with accounting, taxation and juridical issues.

The independent audit / accounting firms that make up the SRA are all committed to delivering quality professional services.

The total network of SRA consists of more than 20.000 professionals. In addition to this more than 50% of all small and medium sized companies in the Netherlands are a client of an audit /

accounting firm that is a member of the SRA.

People, culture and organization

Astrium, as an organization of accountants, is made by the people who work here. They are the capital of our organization. They offer added value to our clients and create the culture of our organization.

In our view, as advisor, the accountant stands beside the entrepreneur. We are speaking the same language and are working in an expert, committed and purposive way on concrete solutions.

Our specialists consult regularly with each other to inform each other about the latest rules and legislation and to discuss the most complex cases.

We provide our employees with the professional and personal development that matches their ambitions.

A good balance between life and work is important to us. Our mentality is no nonsense,the atmosphere informal.

We often work in teams on client assignments.

There is a close mutual commitment between our colleagues, which is probably one of the reasons why our informal meetings are also popular.

Mission and vision

Astrium uses client service standards. These standards are our clear rules for quality and giving advice, which are aimed at superb service.

  1. Execute the client service plan in a manner that has earned us our reputation for quality and endeavors to ensure that commitments are met, potential problems are anticipated, and surprises are avoided
  2. Provide our clients with insights on the condition of their businesses and with meaningful suggestions for their improvement
  3. Continually broaden and strengthen our relationships with our clients to facilitate effective communication and enhance client confidence, while maintaining professional objectivity
  4. Determine, on each engagement, who our clients are and directly ascertain their expectations for our performance. Clients may include the board of directors, the audit committee, and management, all of whom are representatives of shareholder interests
  5. Analyze our clients’ needs and professional service requirements
  6. Develop client service objectives that will enable us to fulfill our professional responsibilities, satisfy our clients’ needs, and aim to exceed their expectations. Prepare an appropriate client service plan to achieve these client service objectives
  7. Ensure that any professional, technical, or client service problem is resolved promptly with timely consultation in an environment of mutual respect
  8. Receive fees that reflect the value of services provided and responsibilities assumed, and that are considered fair and reasonable
  9. Establish effective communications, both internal and external, to enhance our clients’recognition of the value and quality of our service

Our services

In order to guarantee the quality of our services we must obviously satisfy the rules of professional associations.

In addition, we will do everything to keep our employees well trained and motivated.

We expect them to keep continuously abreast of the developments in their specialty.

We stimulate this amongst others by holding weekly technical meetings at which the actual developments in the field of taxes, social insurance legislation and subsidies are discussed.

Our expertise

Being an accountancy and advisory firm Astrium can offer many products and services. We work in accountancy, our core business consists of the compilation and auditing of annual accounts, IT-auditing and tax services.

High-performing companies know that confidence breeds success. That is why more and more of the companies in the Netherlands are choosing to work with Astrium.

We have the courage and integrity to help you meet these demands by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees, and transparent information for your stakeholders and investors.

Astrium offers a high-quality service at which personal involvement is of the most importance.

We work in accountancy, our core business consist of the compilation and auditing of annual accounts, IT-auditing and tax services.

Our major business is to give assurance to the annual accounts of small and midsized companies through an audit or a review.

We also act as an component auditor to inform the group auditors (like Ernst & Young, Deloitte) conform the group audit instructions they designed.

We conducted our engagement in accordance with the International Standard on Auditing.

2017 November 2 & 3:  Hermans & Partners, Rotterdam (website)

Dominik Hermans, partner:

"H&P has four offices; one of them is situated in the bustling city of Rotterdam.

With our team, consisting of approximately 70 high professionals, we assist and advice our clients to improve and control their businesses from more than only a financial perspective.

Our team is very critical and assertive; they will not hesitate to challenge the client by asking critical questions.

But this works both sides: we also much appreciate receiving feedback from our clients on our services in order to improve and accelerate our quality of services to a higher level.

We have a broad client portfolio consisting of national and international clients."

Svenn Mastenbroek, partner

"H&P has the unlimited ambition to contribute to the entrepreneur’s communication, strategic, operational and financial challenges.

H&P delivers up-to-date and practical advice and hands-on support, with an anticipating and personal approach."

drs. Marcelline Bloemheuvel-Brouwers, Associate Partner

"We have a set of core values which still motivates and stimulates to improve and grow.

The values give H&P its distinctive character and define our approach to the global profession. Our core values are:

Dedicated                  to do the best for our clients

Eager                        to stay on top of new developments and inform and advice our clients

With character            to get to know our clients thoroughly to give them the best possible advice

Allround service          one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs

Quality                      accurate and timely financial data to assist our clients in their management and to ensure that financial records are maintained in accordance with generally accepted principles and regulations. "

Edwin Gevers, Partner

"The international services of H&P are:

  • Annual accounts audit and for consolidation purposes;
  • Special investigations (Due Diligence, fraud investigation);
  • International tax advice;
  • Financial and payroll administration;
  • Risk Management;
  • Transfer pricing."

2017 November 1 & 2: De Wert Accountants & Belastingadviseurs, Eindhoven (website)

Characteristic of the service at De Wert Accountants & Belastingadviseurs in #Eindhoven #Netherlands is the personal approach.

You can rely on clear contact points who can quickly respond to your queries or requests.

To ensure effective support in the broadest sense, De Wert has deliberately kept the lines of communication short and uncomplicated.

Thanks to the partners for presenting me all their services to clients.

De Wert accountants & tax advisers is a medium-sized cooperative partnership of highly experienced accountants and tax advisers located in Eindhoven.

With a team of 30 dedicated people, they help businesses and individuals move forward.

Small enough for a personal approach and large enough to offer broad-based support.

They have been supporting businesses and private citizens since 1959 with accountancy, tax and legal services, administrative services, pension advice and HRM and payroll advice.

Their aim is to establish long-term relationships with our customers and intermediaries.

Do you do business abroad or are you planning to?

Taking your business across the border can be a fiscal nightmare. It can, however, also lead to enormous tax savings.

The specialist tax experts at De Wert Accountants & Belastingadviseurs in #Eindhoven #Netherlands can sit down with you to discuss what is needed to ensure your business has the optimal international tax structure

So whatever phase you’re in, with De Wert you can simply take care of business.

2017 November 1: Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs, Barneveld (website)

Special thanks to Gert de Fluiter, partner to Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors and Past INAA Chairman for his dedication and time spent to welcoming me and explaining everything about Schuiteman.

Gert was born in 1969 and is married to Marjan and has 4 children. Outside of the office Gert is interested in sports (running, soccer), music, wine and whisky.

Gert is also in charge of the Schuiteman’s international desk

Thanks to the 6 partners at Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs in #Netherlands for presenting me all their services to clients #accountancy #tax #HRM #consultancy

From left to right and top to bottom: Berry van 't Hul, Bram Faber, Gert de Fluiter, Jorrit Koops, Henk Morren, Robert Berger.

At Schuiteman, they like to be inspired by the eagle.

High up in the air, he has a perfect total overview.

Simultaneously, his extraordinary eyesight enables him to discern the smallest details, even from the largest distance, nothing escapes him.

You may expect the same. A good advisor always keeps track of the outlines but has at the same time a keen eye for the smallest details.

Read more here

Schuiteman is a partner to its business relations, involved in every phase of the business enterprise.

"As well as being your accountant and advisor, we are also your sparring partner and sounding board.

We know your ambitions and encourage you, we help you move forward and seek solutions with you.

As befits a good partner, in our company it is all about ‘we’ rather than ‘you’ and ‘I’."

Read more here

2017 October 31: Van Ooijen Accountants en Belastingadviseurs, Haarlem (website)

VanOoijen Audit & Tax stands for “advice from nearby”. For more than 20 years, VanOoijen advises clients  with the most personal attention one can get.

With the directors Jeroen Vijn and Paul van der Aar (both Audit), Frans van Ooijen and Adriaan Daniels (both Tax) and 25 staff members VanOoijen serves a broad range of SMB firms, with a strong focus on family owned businesses and expatriates.


VanOoijen is very active within INAA and, on behalf of SRA International, member of the current board of INAA.

Boardmember Adriaan Daniels:

“INAA proves that also smaller Audit & Tax firms can give “advice from nearby” in an international context. We can offer a representative international network for our clients, both individuals and companies.  Working in the Amsterdam area, with our office just 20 minutes from Amsterdam Airport, the INAA network is a very valuable asset we can offer and benefit from”

SRA International

SRA is an association of accountancy firms who specialise in the SME sector.

During its more than 20 years of its existence, SRA has achieved a leading position within the accountancy sector.

It has 370 affiliated firms with 950 individual offices and more than 16.000 staff.

About 40 of the SRA-members are also members of SRA-International, they offer their services to INAA members and their clients in a wide range, from tax-consultation to audit-services, in various industry segments, from health care, retail, to banking etc.

SRA-International firms are spread all over the Netherlands. If you need an accountant in the Netherlands in specific region or with a specific specialism you can contact SRA-International.

This week the INAA Traveller is visiting 6 members of SRA-International.

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