May 22, 2019

SRA International, INAA member in the Netherlands, welcomes VDGC Accountants en Belastingadviseurs

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We are happy to introduce you to our new member in Zeist, Netherlands, VDGC accountants en belastingadviseurs.

Let Jan Rijken tell us a few words about his company :

"All financial and entrepreneurial matters are perfectly arranged. This provides a relationship with VDGC for our clients. We understand the challenges of entrepreneurship, enter into discussions and come up with fresh ideas. In this way we achieve the best growth and the best results together. We support the entrepreneur to be even more successful. We enjoy our work, value the relationship and each other. This guarantees a pleasant and professional collaboration. Our strength? We are versatile, knowledgeable, committed and reliable. This provides added value for the relationship and makes us a valuable sparringpartner. For financial and entrepreneurial matters.

Our contact person is drs J.A. (Jan) Rijken RA. As an advising accountant, Jan has extensive experience with both SMEs, associations and foundations and he characterizes himself as an accountant with a high degree of involvement in his relationships and delivering added value. In addition to his work at VDGC, Jan is also active as a member of the NBA committee (The Royal Netherlands Institue of Chartered Accountants) for SMEs and as a reviewer on behalf of the NBA Supervisory Board."

Jan is a teacher at the SRA and is chairman of the SRA committee on marketing and communication.

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Follow this link to VDGC's profile in the INAA directory.

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