Schuiteman’s 50th anniversary

November 19, 2018


We are really proud to count Schuiteman, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, as an INAA member. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them, and come back on the history of their firm.

Together into the future since 1968

Together with his wife Riek, Hein Schuiteman laid the foundation for Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors fifty years ago in an attic room in Voorthuizen. Five decades and seven branches later, a lot has changed. But, what we often say, one thing has remained: within Schuiteman it is 'we' instead of 'you and me'.
Schuiteman Accountants was founded in 1968. It was a time when legislation changed a lot. In 1967 the Law on Chartered Accountants came into force and in 1970 the publication of annual accounts and auditing became mandatory.
"Everything was initially very small and personal," Riek Schuiteman once said. "If a customer had a newborn baby, you went for a maternity visit. And many customers we visited together on Saturday night. "
In the decades that followed, IT made its appearance. Typewriters were replaced by displays. And things went really well; Schuiteman grew out of his jacket time after time. In the nineties, in addition to the branch in Voorthuizen, offices were opened in Huizen and Barneveld. After the turn of the century, locations in Veenendaal, Harderwijk, Ede and Nijkerk were added.
And in 2018? That is a year of celebration of our 50 years anniversary. At the same time, the 140 employees now await a new and challenging era in which data processing and data analysis are further automated and professional advice is becoming increasingly important. But first: time for a party. After all, you only become fifty once.


Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors

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