April 10, 2015

Report on North American Forum, January 2015

INAAs next North and Central American meeting (1)


The INAA  January, 2015 North and Central American members’ meeting was hosted at the Hollywood Beach Marriott Hotel in South Florida. We were pleased that our Chairman, Gert de Fluiter, was able to attend with a few other international members. The meeting was our first attempt to host a meeting in a city where we did not have an INAA host member. The location was chosen to avoid the difficult winter conditions we have been experiencing in North America.

All North and Central American members were represented. Because the meeting was held in a location where there was no INAA member, each attending member did a presentation in various areas that they had expertise in. Presentations ranged from electronic audit sampling of significant amounts of computer data to international tax and various management issues. Professional developments credits were available for U.S. members.
-- Lionel Newton

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