December 22, 2016

AGM 2016 – News from the Marketing & Communication Committee


The Marketing & Communication Committee has carried out several missions over the last few months, such as new presentations aimed at future members, signage media and media presenting our sponsorship offers.
It should be noted that the Committee is now supported by a marketing consultant who presented a new communication plan in relation to INAA's development objectives. At the heart of this strategy are 3 key words: VISIBILITY, REPUTATION AND CREDIBILITY, to accompany the development and facilitate the recruitment of new members.

Carole Bourgeois, chairperson of the M & C Committee, presented the missions (performed or yet to come) at the 2016 AGM in Berlin. To see the detail of the presentation, follow this link.

In addition, the Committee is working hard with the web agency in charge of the redesign of the public part of the website, and the project is well advanced; we plan on making this live before the end of 2016, and we will be sure to keep you informed of that!

Finally, the digital presence of our association is now ensured regularly through the Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook social networks. The addresses of the pages are:



Linkedin :

So please, follow and share !

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