June 6, 2017

Meet the INAA Traveller !

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The INAA Traveller is a Social Media storytelling experience.

He is dedicated to promote INAA as well as its members throughout the 52 weeks of the year, and virtually "visits" one member a week thanks to daily posts on FacebookTwitter and Linkedin :

  • by means of a permanent gimmick with the "INAA Traveller"
  • giving information on the member every day of the week
  • linking the posts to the member's website
  • giving the floor to the member's partners in order to promote any message they want to emphasis.

You can read his travel log following this link.

He's definitely travelling a lot all around the world, has already visited :

  • Turner Stone (USA)
  • Baudo & Partners (Italy)
  • SGK Auditnet (Germany)
  • Joint Stock Activ (Russia)
  • Anton Chetcuti-Ganado and Associates (Malta)
  • Siew Boon Yeong & Associates (Malaysia)
  • Kenny Tam & Co (Hong Kong)
  • Johannes Juara & Rekan (Indonesia)
  • Puente Sur Outsourcing (Chile)

and is visiting Confida in Austria this week.

2 weeks before his "visit" (remember, it's virtual ;) , you will receive an email, asking you what you want to say about your firm on social media, as well as some photos and any information you want him to spread.
So please, answer his email ! This is really an excellent opportunity for your firm to get some additional visibility.

And don't forget to like, comment and share INAA's posts on Social Media !

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