March 26, 2021

Meet SRA – Dutch Leading Accounting Association


Based in the Netherlands, SRA International is an association of accounting firms that specialise in the SME sector. During its thirty years in existence, the SRA proudly unites over 375 firms and empowers them to provide better services to their clients.

The SRA joined us in 1994, and we’ve had the pleasure of assisting them in their growth as they expanded their international foothold. Having secured a leading position in the accounting world, today, the SRA collectively serves over half of Holland’s SMEs.


Discover How an SRA Membership Helps Accounting Firms

We spoke to some of the SRA’s members to hear how they benefited from their memberships. Read what they said below:

SmitsVandenBroek Adviseurs | Accountants

SmitsVandenBroek Adviseurs | Accountants is a full-service accountancy firm, based in Weert (Limburg), with over 30 employees. Running a smaller business means that communication lines are short and the team is closely involved with their customers. 

They’ve been a member of SRA for a number of years and are among the few offices in their region that hold an AFM license to perform statutory audit assignments. SmitsVandenBroek’s clients belong to various branche, and their diverse customer package offers the team excellent opportunities to continuously broaden their knowledge.

“One of our spearheads on an international level is our experience in (tax) advice in Curaçao. Our goal is to bring our knowledge of doing business in Curaçao to the attention of fellow offices.

Membership of SRA International and the INAA Group gives us the opportunity to bring clients who operate internationally into contact with other international colleagues. We strive to be a high-quality partner for fellow offices and find it essential to be able to introduce our international clients and to connect them with the SRA and INAA network.”

Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs

Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs is an SME accounting firm with offices in Ede, Barneveld, Voorthuizen, Harderwijk and Huizen. They serve profit and nonprofit, national and international organisations in various industries, including real estate, hospitality and transport. 

As a long-standing SRA International member (+15 years), Schuiteman has witnessed more and more SME entrepreneurs taking their business globally. Therefore, Schuiteman needs partners abroad who can support their customers with international issues, including setting up entities abroad, managing payroll and administration, and preparing annual accounts, returns, tax advice, and audits. 

“We have been an active member of SRA International and INAA Group for more than fifteen years. The value we get from our membership is substantial. 

Joining SRA and INAA gave us an enormous expansion of our international network, a valuable source of knowledge sharing, and an excellent platform to refer our customers who need international support. In addition, we also get customers of other members referred to us via the INAA network.”

VERDER Accountants B.V.

VERDER Accountants B.V. is a mid-size audit and tax advisory firm based in Utrecht in the heart of the Netherlands. Founded in 2014, the firm has grown rapidly, meaning an increasing number of clients require international support. 

Their main reason for joining the SRA International and INAA group was to gain access to high-quality and comparable firms abroad, allowing us to serve internationally active clients. 

“We joined the network very recently but are impressed by the familiar feeling and warm welcome we experienced so far. Our hope is to develop relationships within the network in the near future so we can quickly contact the applicable experts abroad when international service requests pop up. 

We believe our future growth in the Netherlands will increase the demand for international services provided by INAA members and are, of course, available to offer any audit or tax advisory services for subsidiaries located in The Netherlands.”

VWG Audit & Assurance

VWG Audit & Assurance is an accounting and auditing firm based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, serving businesses of all sizes across a variety of sectors, including legal, transport, technology, production, and trade. 

Aiming to relieve their clients financially, VWG focuses on accountancy, tax advice, audit & assurance, corporate finance and payroll administration. As their business grew and clients started with cross-border operations, VWG joined SRA to serve their clients on an international level.

“We noticed that clients certainly need good support abroad, and we needed international companies for the performance of audit work at group companies when we act as a Group Accountant. Because SRA and INAA carry out adequate balloting in advance, you can be sure that good offices are connected. In addition, the network has decent global coverage.”

Van Ooijen Accountants & Tax Advisors

VanOoijen Accountants & Tax Advisors offers tax and accounting services for (international) clients operating in the Netherlands. Based in Haarlem, VanOoijen’s service offering includes audits, accounts compilation, corporation tax returns, tax advice, and administrative assistance.

The majority of VanOoijen’s clients are family-owned businesses active in a wide variety of industries. As an AFM certified firm, VanOoijen currently conducts over thirty legal audits and fifteen audits on a voluntary basis. 

“Today, our team consists of thirty employees of various specialisms, giving us all the necessary tax and accounting knowledge in-house so we can offer continuity in our services. Furthermore, our size safeguards short communication lines. Joining SRA and INAA allowed us to serve our clients better since we had direct access to other accounting firms from all over the world. That means we can quickly ask questions and refer a customer to a partner abroad with confidence.”

Maas Accountants The Hague

Based in The Hague, Maas Accountants strive to serve their clients internationally. Primarily, the organisation works with small and medium-sized businesses who have nimble and agile teams with a strong appetite for innovation and automation.

As an accounting firm focused on supporting entrepreneurs and administrators, Maas Accountants function as a coach, source of information and financial conscience for their clients and the wider INAA network.

Maas Accountants were inspired to join both SRA International and the INAA Group to share expert knowledge and valuable insights with other accounting firms in the Netherlands and across Europe.

We proudly contribute our knowledge to the wider INAA network when it comes to conducting business throughout the Netherlands.

Navigating New Challenges Together

While digital transformation and the COVID-19 pandemic have presented new challenges across industries, unprecedented complexities around tax and cross-border finances have also emerged.

With Brexit, for example, European countries and businesses are in uncharted territory. As such a complicated and multifaceted issue, both SRA International and INAA members have identified the importance of giving Brexit-related challenges careful attention — what with so many member organisations doing businesses with the UK.

By combining expertise, we have seen a collective response from members that has involved idea exchanges and knowledge transfers among partnering firms. INAA and SRA International members alike are often dealing with the same, or similar, issues around the UK leaving the EU. 

It should never be underestimated that by opening the door to conversations and discussions we are able to find answers and build connections to help each other at a moment’s notice.

A Special Thank You to Our Accounting Association Members

Firstly, we want to welcome the newest SRA members for joining our community. We look forward to working and collaborating to expand your business around the globe.

We also wish to dedicate a special thank you to SRA International and our other long-standing members for your unwavering commitment and input. INAA’s success is a direct result of our close personal and professional relationships with our members.

Expand Your Accounting Network at INAA

Here at INAA, we connect accounting firms who aim to deliver quality professional services around a shared vision to make global business personal, and take personal business global. With every industry change, our collaborative association of international businesses is committed to being a part of the conversation around auditing and accounting.

Join today to start building powerful business relationships.

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