September 29, 2017

INAA took part in the 72th french COEC

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For the second time, INAA took part in the Congress of the French Institute of Chartered Accountants (COEC), held in Lille between 27 and 29 September, and shared a booth with its french member, Absoluce.

And, for the second time, INAA was the only international organisation present at this event ! This was really a key event and a great opportunity to meet potential members coming from various french-speaking countries.

Our Executive Manager, Nadège Mullier, and our Marketing Manager, Mathieu Brodi, met many potential contacts, with a view to possible future members and partnerships.

Congratulations and many thanks to the Absoluce team, who handled the organisation, and managed to present a great booth with a very original and attractive entertainment : visitors could enjoy and relax with a massage from a physical therapist!

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