June 23, 2016

INAA Business session report – IMM 2016

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The Business session at the Mid-Term meeting 2016 in Shanghai started with a reintroduction of 2 members. Spry Roughley and M Srinivasan & Associates.

The business session provided some time for an interactive discussion with the members on the growth strategy for INAA. The strategic plan for INAA was formulated in early 2013 and the Board reviewed this plan with the help of an external consultant in January 2016. The broad direction and thrust remained unchanged with primary focus on growth without compromising on quality.

Various alternatives of collaborating/merging with other associations were considered and debated with the members. All members present were give the chance to speak out and let the Board know their thoughts about INAA growth alternatives. The consensus was that INAA should not rush into this and take a well thought decision after examining all the consequences. The benefits of growth should be balanced with the need to maintain the unique ethos and democratic functioning of INAA. The spirit and culture of INAA is very important to its members and the Board will make sure it is not lost in the process.

Read more on the strategy review.

Following this discussion, the committees made their reports and the accounts to 31 March were presented.

See the Marketing & Communication Committee report here

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