May 29, 2018

IMM 2018 – Copenhagen – Business Session report


50 delegates, 13 guests and 9 potential members from Bulgaria, Denmark and Finland attended our latest IMM at the Skt Petri Hotel in Copenhagen on 16-18 may 2018.
We had an incredibly sunny weather, and it was definitely a great meeting.

Our chairman, Shariq Contractor, brilliantly kicked off the day with a great general presentation about INAA. Take a look at the video or download the presentation here !

Thanks to the programme committee, all guests, delegates and potential members listened to very interesting presentations. See a short summary below, and the videos of each presentation, allowing you to see them as if you were here !

Doing business in Denmark

Leif Stolberg-Rohr Nørskov (Partner, Revision Vadestedet)

Download the presentation here


Leif Stolberg-Rohr Noerskov has since the appointment of State Authorized Public Accountant in 2006 worked at Ernst & Young, Denmark for 6 years before joining Revision Vadestedet located 75 km south of Copenhagen.
He has primarily worked with small and medium-sized companies in Denmark and has experience with international companies and their activities in Denmark.


Introduction to doing business in Denmark, including a country overview – key indicators, business forms, requirements for bookkeeping, accounting and audit, corporate and personal taxation, transfer pricing and Value-added tax.

Blockchain and the accounting firm

Eddy Vaassen (Professor of Accountancy & Associate Dean Executive Education, Tilburg University)

Download the presentation here


Eddy Vaassen is a Professor of Accountancy, Associate Dean Executive Education, and Director of Graduate Studies of the PhD Program for Professionals at Tilburg University, and a scientific advisor at BDO. Further he is an advisor to ESAA of Erasmus University Rotterdam and a member of the supervisory board/chairman of the audit committee of OMO. Previously he has held advisory and executive positions at Deloitte and Baker Tilly in the departments of professional practice.
He wrote his dissertation in 1994, graduated from the Accountancy program in 1990, and from the Business Economics program in 1988, all at Maastricht University.
He has Dutch and international publications - including seven textbooks - within the fields of Internal Control, Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Information Management, and Management control.
His research interests include professional judgment in audit decision-making, and the use of IT innovations in auditing. He supervises and has supervised doctoral dissertations on internal control theory, the factors explaining ERP use, decision aid use in auditing, contract auditing, professional judgment in internal control assessments, business value of IT, just in time information provision, process mining and continuous auditing.
He is the co-chair of the International Symposium on Accounting Information Systems and a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Information Systems, Global Perspectives on Accounting Education, the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, the International Journal of Digital Accounting Research, the International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, and Management Control & Accounting (editor).
He is regularly involved in continuing professional education activities for professionals from various companies and institutions. Current and previous assignments include: Tias Business School, University of Amsterdam Business School, Avans+, KPN, Energy Delta Institute, Maastricht University, NBA, ABN AMRO, Alliander, APG, Dutch Tax Department, Erasmus University Rotterdam, SRA, Grant Thornton, CROP, UWV, Yacht, and the Association of Registered Controllers (VRC).


Blockchain technology currently is high on the innovation agendas of many organizations, including corporates, banks, accounting firms, government institutions and a continuously increasing number of startups. It is said to fundamentally change the way transactions are executed, recorded and controlled. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most visible applications of blockchain. But there is great potential for many more applications that go far beyond cryptocurrencies as substitutes for fiat money. Looking at these alternative applications the market value of cryptocurrencies becomes irrelevant. In an ideal blockchain world trusted third parties are completely replaced by trust protocols, which are in essence computer applications. If not the cryptocurrency is the central issue but the trust protocols, then all kinds of new blockchain applications emerge that enable use cases in situations where parties that are in different legal or economical entities (for example, as in supply chains), that don’t know or don’t trust one another, want to exchange values (goods, services, money, information) without having a trusted third party involved.

How BEPS, Brexit and other changes will affect indirect taxation worldwide in the future?

Charlene Herbain (Senior Managing Lawyer at Law Square Belgium & Senior Lecturer at the University of Luxemburg)

Download the presentation here


Charlène A. Herbain (PhD, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Luxembourg) is a VAT specialist. She is a senior managing lawyer in the tax policy and tax litigation practice at Law Square (Belgium) and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Luxembourg (LL.M in Taxation) and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Nancy II Faculty of Law (Magistère juriste d’affaires européen). She has been named as an Indirect Tax Leader (2014, 2015 and 2017) by International Tax Review, and her Ph.D. thesis, “VAT Neutrality” has been published by Larcier-Promoculture and received very honorable mention from the jury of the IFA Maurice Lauré Prize in June 2015. Prior to her current work, Charlène worked for 2 years as a post-doctoral researcher at the Catholic University of Louvain and spent nearly 10 years in a variety of corporate roles.


The future will be VAT or will not be. But what we know as VAT reality today may well not be what it is tomorrow. Various phenomenon may deeply modify the fundamentals of VAT. In that context, the intervention will look into the way BEPS, Brexit and other changes will affect indirect taxation. A brief overview of the intervention indicates that, among others, Charlène Herbain will envisage the fact that EU VAT BEPS-driven developments may produce new rules to levy VAT in a digital context and cause VAT assessments on inter-company transactions to be altered. Brexit is another actuality about to impose a major change, a restructuring even, of VAT on both sides of the sea as it will impact the EU and the UK revenues and also the way operators trade that will adressed at the occasion of the intervention.

The Future of the Accountancy Profession

Daniel Susskind (Fellow in Economics, Balliol College, University of Oxford)


Dr Daniel Susskind explores the impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, on work and society. He is a Fellow in Economics at Balliol College, Oxford, where he teaches and researches. Previously he worked in the British Government – as a policy adviser in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, as a policy analyst in the Policy Unit in 10 Downing Street, and a senior policy adviser in the Cabinet Office. His book, The Future of the Professions (2015, paperback, 2017), co-authored with Richard Susskind, was widely acclaimed. It was a Financial Times ‘Book of the Year’, a Times Literary Supplement ‘Book of 2016’, and a New Scientist ‘Best Read of 2015’.


This talk is based on The Future of the Professions, the best-selling book by Daniel Susskind and Richard Susskind. It sets out two futures for the professions. Both rest on technology. One is reassuringly familiar. It is a more efficient version of what we have today. The other is transformational – a gradual replacement of professionals by increasingly capable systems. The authors predict the decline of today’s professions and discuss the people and systems that will replace them. In an Internet society, the professions will look remarkably different from today, and we will neither need nor want accountants -- or doctors, teachers, architects, lawyers, the clergy, consultants, and many others -- to work as they did in the 20th century.

Note : Unfortunately, we were not allowed to record and share this very interesting presentation.

HR & Winning the Talent War – Getting the Best from Your People

Gordon Gilchrist (Speaker and writer, 2020 Group)

Download the presentation here


Gordon Gilchrist is recognised as a global leading consultant to accountancy firms in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, practice management and increasingly succession issues including buying, selling and merging of accountancy practices.
He trained as an accountant in the UK and later worked with Grant Thornton. He has been consulting with firms in the UK, Ireland and South Africa since 1989 and has worked with three of the Top 4 firms, 75% of the Top 20, and over 2,000 independent firms. Gordon is a well recognised and accomplished speaker for annual conferences and staff training days. He has accumulated some brilliant ideas which can be heard at his seminars. He and Ian Fletcher are joint authors of the Croner.CCH book “SME Consulting”.
Gordon used to be a scratch golfer and played in the Brunei Open in 1981.


Finding and keeping quality staff is increasingly problematic as demand from clients exceeds supply. This session will address what we need to do to attract and motivate team members.
Additionally, Gordon will show you 4 most practical ways to create time.
- How are firms maximising the performance of their team under pressure, and what are they doing to deal with increasingly high levels of stress.
- What are the top 8 issues that people are motivated by. Understand these and you will be better equipped to attract team members as well as keep them.
- 7 point action plan designed to reduce stress across the team.

Company introductions

3 INAA members made an company introduction.

CRESCO Accounting Limited - Dubai, UAE

SRA International - The Netherlands

YouTube video

CNK RK & CO - New Delhi

Download the presentation here

Members only session

To download the committees reports as well as all presentations, click on this link to browse the knowledge base.

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