April 4, 2018

HRIT – Clients’ testimonies


Meeting Luca Aniasi and his staff was fairly incidental but one of the best things that ever happened.

I live in Italy were the tax system is complicated and baroque. Is not only a perverse game tinged with anxiety but a depressing moment for “anyone normal” that gets the impression of being in a concrete labyrinth with no way out.

With their skills, total reliability, exemplary warmth, courtesy, sense of humor, this group makes everything seem easy. They have a very contemporary and fast way of working.

Five stars!

(GDB – HNWI – Italy)

We are a group of broadcast companies located in Spain and we are working with Aniasi Leonetti since 2010.

They helped us settle in Italy and we have provided financial, RH and legal advice/services.

Our experience with them can be defined in three words: professionalism, good costumer service/proximity and solutions.

It's a pleasure working with them.

(R.M. – CFO – Broadcasting Company – Spain)

Il "team" di Marco Leonetti è perfettamente funzionante. Cortesia, gentilezza e disponibilità sono le caratteristiche principali.

Vengo sempre avvertito in tempo per le scadenze dei pagamenti quindi posso dire di essere veramente soddisfatto di questa mia situazione.

HRIT è un organizzazione che consiglierei tranquillamente  a tutti. Inoltre Marco Leonetti è una persona veramente speciale!

(F.K. – Owner – Retail Stores – Italy)

HR IT have been a pleasure to work with and very responsive to our needs. The fact that we have been working with HR IT for several years is testament to our positive experience working with the team.

J.M. – Senior Manager – Accounting Firm – U.K.)

Ho conosciuto professionalmente il Dr. Marco Leonetti nell’ambito della sua attività di Sindaco presso alcune società, mentre io avevo il ruolo di segretario del Consiglio di Amministrazione. Il Dr. Leonetti , in ogni circostanza, si è dimostrato attento e competente; mai superficiale.

Dai modi gentili, ma fermo quando le necessità lo richiedono.

(G.S.G. – Executive – National Railways Company – Italy)

I have 7 years of  experience with HRIT, both in managing Italian branch and running monthly payroll.

The service is always professional and on time. I would like to take  this opportunity also to thank HRIT team.

(G.L. – Controller – IT Company – Israel)

We have worked with HR-IT for about 10 years.  We use the firm for provision of services to our clients. The services include:

Payroll Administration

Dealing with social security and tax authorities

Advice on accounting issues and company structure

Tax advice and tax representation

HR services

HR advice –particularly on employment contracts and terminations

We have never had any complaints in 10 years from any clients and several clients have commented on their expertise, friendly approach and reasonable costs. One client in particular had been attached to the wrong Collective Agreement by a Big4 company and when re registered to the correct collective agreement saved 1.5% of their salary costs –which paid for the payroll service many times over.

(J.T. – Owner – International Payroll Company – Switzerland)

I have now worked as a partner with HRIT for the past 5 years and have always been extremely satisfied with the services they have provided to me both as payroll provider and HR consultancy.

From questions I have raised, responses have been provided with clear clarification making it easier to understand some of the more complex Italian payroll rules, allowing me to have total confidence in sharing this  advice to my clients.

My experience with HRIT has always been very positive and made me feel a valued client.

(A.B. - EMEA International Team Leader - International Payroll Company – U.K.)

This is to confirm that my dealings with Dr. Luca Aniasi have proven to be highly successful. His understanding of the highly complicated Italian tax laws coupled with his expertise regarding the European and Swiss fiscal system have ensured that all dealings with these countries have been done correctly, giving me a feeling of total security.

Luca has a very appealing nature and one feels well protected under his careful guidance. I would recommend any client especially foreign to have their affairs handled by HRIT.

(J.M. – Art Expert and Trader – U.K.)

HRIT provides an invaluable payroll service for our clients in Italy.  Our monthly “client feedback scores” remain consistently high for their payroll accuracy, responsiveness and turnaround. The entire staff is a pleasure to work with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

(K.R. - Partner Management Specialist – International Payroll Company – USA)

HRIT exceeded our expectations. Their specialist team provided valuable support throughout the process of setting up our business, advising on matters arising from their due diligence work and technical advice on the tax aspects. In an age where we are quick to complain, we are slow to say thank you and commend good work.  I am grateful for this opportunity to recommend your diligent and passionate work.

(G.R. – Owner – Luxury Company – Italy)

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