November 3, 2022

How to Find Your Ideal Accounting Niche


Choosing an accounting niche is an essential part of running your firm. We’ve all heard the expression, “when you market to everyone, you reach no one”. Many firms naively assume that because every company needs accounting, they should simply try to reach as many businesses as possible. In reality, choosing a defined niche will be far more fruitful in terms of rising above the competition and offering better services for your clients. Defining your niche allows you to hone in on a single industry, which will not only streamline the process for your own firm, but also position you as an expert in that industry. Knowing the ins and outs of a certain niche – their needs, struggles, terminology – allows you to provide a more meaningful client experience. It won’t be long before you become *the* favoured firm for companies within that niche, simply because you hold the most experience and expertise working with those companies. It also greatly simplifies the process for your own team, as they know what to expect from any given client and don’t have to waste time researching a new industry or business.

How to Find Your Ideal Niche

Analyze Current Clients

In order to start defining your niche, you need to take a look at your existing client base. Take into account which clients you enjoy working with the most, which industries you’re serving well, and which businesses have been the most profitable. Analyzing your current clients can provide indicators of what’s going well and how you may be able to expand on this success. On the other hand, if your firm is just starting out, you have complete freedom to choose which niche you want to service. You can make an informed decision by considering things such as your team’s interests and capabilities, your firm’s location, and which niches are experiencing the most growth. 

Other Considerations for Choosing a Niche

Your location: Do you live in an area that’s a hotspot for a certain industry? By choosing an industry that is prevalent in your area, you can bring in lots of business for your firm.

Your team’s capabilities: Explore which industries or businesses your team has experience working with. This experience doesn’t necessarily have to be professional (or even within the accounting industry), but can be personal as well. Wherever your team’s expertise or interests lie could be a good jumping-off point for selecting a niche. 

Your firm’s USP/mission statement: What is your firm’s Unique Selling Point? What is your mission? What do you hope to achieve through the work of your organization? Examining these questions can help direct you to a niche. 

New niches/niches that are experiencing a lot of growth: If you’re still lost as to which niche to choose, it never hurts to look at the market and consider which niches are experiencing rapid growth.

A Selection of the Fastest Growing Niches


With a high demand for new housing, this industry is expected to continue to grow for years to come. Accounting for construction can be complicated, though considering what a massive industry it is means that there are a wealth of opportunities for accountants to jump on. Construction businesses may need help with a range of tasks such as tax planning, budgeting, audits, cash flow management, and more. 


Medical practices

Due to the pandemic, there has been rapid modernization and investment in the healthcare industry. Providing services such as oversight for medical billing, advice for increasing profit, and wealth management can be incredibly helpful to physicians who already have enough work on their hands. 



Software-as-a-service has been rapidly growing as the demand for software skyrockets. While not all software companies need full-time accounting help, they do need assistance with various money issues including meeting with investors and securing outside funding. 



With such a high demand for cryptocurrency, this is one of the most profitable niches for accounting firms to invest in. Being a relatively new industry with tax legislation surrounding cryptocurrency still in its infant stages, this presents a great opportunity for firms to get involved and specialize early on.

Dive into Your New Niche

Once you’ve identified your niche, it’s time to dive into the work. Absorb as much information about your niche as possible to set you up as an expert. This data can then be utilized within your marketing efforts to reflect your chosen niche. Make sure to clearly communicate your specialization in the niche on your website, LinkedIn, and other platforms so there’s no confusion for potential clients.

Narrow your Firm’s Focus by Choosing a Niche

By drawing upon relevant information such as your firm’s location, skills, and mission, you’ll be able to pick a niche to specialize in and begin offering services to. By specializing in a profitable niche, you’ll convey to clients that your firm thoroughly understands the particular demands that they face and that you’re here specifically to help them tackle those challenges. You’ll be able to position yourself as an expert in that industry, setting yourself apart from the competition and allowing clients to find you more easily. Choosing a niche will not only make work easier for you and your colleagues, but it will bring in more clients and ultimately drive profit for your business.

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