May 7, 2021

How Revision Vadestedet Supports Wellbeing at Work



Last year brought physical and emotional health to the forefront of our minds. Now more than ever, companies worldwide focus on supporting wellness and wellbeing in the workplace. 

One of our members, Revision Vadestedet, are no strangers to supporting wellbeing at work. The company has created a supportive environment offering adjustable office equipment and even massages.

Revision Vadestedet is a Danish accounting firm specialising in bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, auditing, fiscal matters and financial forecasting for small to medium-sized firms. Between them, their 15-member team represents 250 years’ experience within the accounting profession.

The firm values building long-term relationships with clients as well as their employees. Since clients prefer to interact with the same people over time, the company needs a work culture that encourages employees to stay.

We sat down with their Chartered Accountant, Leif Stolberg-Rohr Nørskov, about Revision Vadestedet’s approach to creating a positive work culture that forms long-term commitments.


How Revision Vadestedet Supports Wellbeing at Work

In Denmark, there are regulations concerning the work environment that companies must follow. One requirement is to have desks and other office equipment that employees can alter to suit their needs. 

Therefore, most Danish workplaces use adjustable desks that staff members can elevate up to a standing position. 

Standing desks is a key component in Revision Vadestedet’s mission to support wellness and wellbeing in the workplace to drive employee retention. All of their employees have the choice to work standing up or sitting down as and when they prefer. About a third of the staff use the standing position most of their working hours.


“The idea is to give people the option of working standing up if they want or need to. For example, I have found that standing up is good for my back. I get a much better posture and feel more healthy, which helps me do my job better. It also encourages people to collaborate more since it feels more natural to approach a colleague who’s standing up”

Leif Stolberg-Rohr Nørskov, Revision Vadestedet.

Tips to Make Working While Standing Up More Rewarding

Installing raisable desks is not as straightforward as simply replacing the piece of furniture. So Leif shared some actionable tips to help you ensure your employees get the most out of new equipment.

Ask your employees

Most investments Revision Vadestedet make on equipment come from employee ideas. The company usually purchases one or two pieces and introduces the solution on a larger scale if the staff find it a valuable or practical option.

Don’t get wires crossed (or trapped)

Switching to desks with adjustable height involves more than simply replacing the desk itself. You must also ensure that all cables are long enough to allow the desk to move up and down. It’s also essential to make sure lowering the desk doesn’t trap any wires. 

Consider the feet

Standing up for hours straight is tough on your feet, especially on a hard office floor. Soft shoes like trainers help take off some of the burden. However, a cushioned surface like a mat will add that extra level of comfort for your employees. 

Start small

When investing in new office equipment such as standing desks, it’s a good idea to start small. Buying standing desks for everyone on the team to then have only 20% use them is a waste of money. 

Instead, purchase one or two desks and let your employees try them out. If they then decide they want one, you can buy more.

Allow time to adjust

Most people aren’t used to working standing up, so it’s a good idea to give it at least a week or two before deciding it’s not for you.

Other Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture

If you want to introduce standing desk options for your remote teams, there are options to make working from home more comfortable. An adjustable laptop stand can add extra height to a desk or kitchen table to allow working while standing up. 

Revision Vadestedet has taken wellbeing support a step further. For over twenty years, the company brings in a masseuse to help employees relieve any discomfort they have every two weeks. Staff members can receive a 30-minute treatment for their neck, shoulders or backs.

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