• Belgium
  • Borsbeek, Limburg
    • Accounts preparation - Limited company
    • Accounts preparation - Not for profit organisations
    • Auditing - Limited company
    • Payroll
    • Special - Business valuations
    • Special - Computer support
    • Special - Corporate finance
    • Special - Insolvency
    • Special - Management consultancy
    • Special - Outsourcing
    • Tax - International
    • Tax - Corporate compliance
    • Tax - Corporate consultancy
    • Tax - Personal compliance
    • Tax - Personal consultancy
    • Tax - Sales

About @TheOffice

@TheOffice NV, was founded and incorporated in March 2005 to perform Accounting, Management Consulting and related services, in the legal form of a N.V. (Limited Company under the Belgian Code of Companies).  There are two partners, Gaby Van Loock and Lode Ilsen who founded the company. Previously they both participated in the financial management of a Belgian listed company.

Our permanent staff consists of certified accountants (IAB), certified accountants (BIBF) and accountant trainees. We can call on an extensive network if we need other skills for special projects.

The majority of our customers are Belgian SMEs of which several are starting to grow internationally. We always supported international clients. While executives abroad manage and control their operations, we take care of the financial administration, payroll administration and taxes for the local entity. We provide our experience and services to branches of international companies. (American, Luxembourg, Canadian, German and Austrian)

Our offices

Contact details

@TheOffice NV Borsbeek

De Robianostraat 118 bus 4
B-2150 Borsbeek

+32 3 844 36 80

Contact details

@TheOffice NV Limburg

Centrum-Zuid 1111 Houthalen-Helchteren
B-3530 Limburg

+32 3 844 36 80

Looking for contact ?

Our representatives

Our representatives are your privileged partners and intermediaries within the company. As essential links in the international chain formed by our INAA members, they will be able to answer all your questions on accounting or auditing matters or direct you to the appropriate personnel according to your needs.

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