December 27, 2019

Discover Drummond Advisors’ Tax & Accounting Guides


Since 2009, Drummond Advisors have sought to help entrepreneurs identify and capitalise on opportunities within the United States and Brazilian markets. Their team of certified professionals work to ensure cultural, legal, accounting and tax issues in a foreign country do not impact on companies’ financial success.

As part of this mission, they’ve released a series of guides around setting up and establishing businesses in the USA, including securing visas and understanding immigration laws.
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Go Global: Setting Up Your Business in the United States

Billed as the definitive roadmap for companies looking to navigate structural, legal, accounting and tax issues in the USA, this guide is a must-read for anyone wanting to establish a company in the US.

Broken down into a three-step process covering planning your business, structuring your company and implementing your project, this guide will help you get your new venture off the ground.


How to Establish a Company in the US

Created in partnership with Amcham Brasil, this bi-lingual guide provides a comprehensive breakdown for companies wanting to enter the US market.

The 52-page guide gives advice for new businesses, direct investments, corporate structures and entities, as well as how to choose a location and open a company. You’ll also learn about how to hire employees, establish successful operations, and onboard service providers like accountants and lawyers.


How to Understand Immigration and Obtain Visas in the US

Securing a visa and immigrating to the USA is no easy feat. Drummond Advisors’ comprehensive guide helps you navigate this tricky process with best practice advice on applying for a visa and preparing to immigrate.

The 44-page guide walks you through the entire process from basic concepts relating to immigration and visas to the types & characteristics of visas and green cards. You’ll also find advice on changing your status, the consular process, nailing your visa interview and paying taxes and hiring service providers as a US resident.

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