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General information

Languages :

  • Japanese

Population : 125 000 000

Currency: yen

Current Exchange Rate to USD: USD 1 = 132 yen

Standard corporate income tax rate:

34 %

Main tax incentives:

tax deduction for R&D expense and Salary increase

Other incentives:

Preferrable taxation for retirement allowance

Standard dividend withholding tax rates:

20,42 %

Branch taxation:

As same as taxation for corporation

Standard Interest withholding tax:

20,32 %

Interest expense deduction rules:

Thin capitalization rule applied

Standard royalty withholding tax rate:

20,42 %

Laws and government

Common law: No

Civil law: Yes

Religious: No

Other infos about legal system :


Federal / national only?: No

State / provincial too?: Yes

Other infos about governmental layers:


Data privacy rules?:


Data security rules?:


Standards & Tax treaties

Number of tax treaties: 84 tax treaties with 151 countries/regions

OECD MLI treaty signatory?: YES

Type of tax: Consumption tax

Taxes on foreign products?: No consumption tax imposed on foreign products

Taxes on foreign services?: No consumption tax imposed on foreign services

Typical time and cost to incorporate a local private company: 3-4 weeks

Typical time and cost to register a branch of a foreign company: 3-4 weeks

Typical business/tax/other issues in the country:

Currently very difficult to open corporate bank account

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