December 22, 2016

AGM 2016 – Second session open to potential members


During the IMM in Shanghai in May, INAA  held for the first time a session open to potential members. The programme was designed to introduce INAA's global reach to selected contacts in Shanghai with interest in exploring new business opportunities.

Given the success of the exercise, it was decided to replicate this at each general meeting in order to make contact with potential members and attract new members.
At its AGM in Berlin on Thursday 3rd November, INAA welcomed potential members from Berlin (Schürmann, Schürmann & Schürmann GmbH, Trust GmbH, Kleppeck, Welbers, Winkel und partners) as well as 2 future members whose application is in progress.

One of the companies which is currently applying to become an INA member is from Shanghai, China. This company was among the participants of our informative session held in May in Shanghai. This shows the success of this exercice.

The second company from Benin (West Africa) was met at the Congress of the French Institute of CPAs, which took place in Brussels end of September.
INAA’s Executive Manager Nadège Mullier and Carole Bourgeois (Board Member and Chair of the Marketing and Communication committee) were present on the booth shared with our French member Absoluce Qantea.
This shows the success of the direct contacts with potential members.

The programme opened with a presentation on INAA, its vision and success delivered by Shariq Contractor, chairman for INAA, CNK & Associates LLP, India.
See presentation: What is INAA

It was followed by a presentation by Mr Cartsen Beissel, Voss Automative, who gave the client point of view on the role of local accounting firms in cross-border transactions.

Voss Automative was founded in 1931 and employs 4,000 staff worldwide.

According to Mr Beissel, for a company like Voss Automotive, working with local accounting firms offers more advantages than working with big international companies.

Their down-to-earth approach and knowledge of the local market is very precious.

Download this presentation here.

The session concluded with “Doing Business In” presentations from the UK and Canada.

Country overview UK
MARK HUBBOCKS, Treasurer / Wagstaffs, UK

Country overview Canada

The INAA secretariat has already followed up with all the invited guests at the meeting, sharing the event presentations, links to the INAA member directory and information on how to join. These relationships will be continually followed up on, with the intention to add both business contacts and INAA members over the coming months.

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