December 21, 2018

Accountancy Age Top 20 International Alliances and Associations


We are pleased and proud to announce that INAA is now number 14 in the Accountancy Age Top 20 International Alliances and Associations.

This ranking promotes excellence in the accountancy industry worldwide by ranking accountancy organisations by combined annual total income.

This recognition demonstrates the tangible results of our efforts in relation to our recruitment in strategic areas.
Indeed, no less than 8 new members joined our association in 2018, giving us a presence in 5 new countries since the turn of the year:

-    The Philippines (CRESCO)
-    The Seychelles (CRESCO)
-    Hungary (ASB Group)
as well as the west coast of the United States (THE ACCOUNTANCY)

Follow this link to the INAA members directory, and find here the Accountancy Age Top 20.

Next step, reach number 13 ? Stay tuned !

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