June 21, 2016

ABSOLUCE + QANTEA = a network within the TOP 14 accounting firms

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The audit and accounting networks ABSOLUCE, founded in 2009, and QANTEA, founded in 2004, have decided to merge as one entity. This merger that has become effective as of 31 December 2015 is this year's most important in the sector. ABSOLUCE + QANTEA = a territorial presence reinforced in France and a window to international business with the INAA (International Association of Auditors and Accountants) Group, of which QANTEA is a founding member.

Exponential growth

The network ABSOLUCE QANTEA will have 27 members with 670 employees, and anticipates turnover of 64 million euros in 2016. The integration of the two networks will put ABSOLUCE QANTEA at number 14th in the classification of French audit and accounting networks.

This merger with QANTEA takes place barely a year after ABSOLUCE merged with the AEQUITAS Group, a leading firm in Northern France (70 employees and 6.2 million euros consolidated sales, exclusive of tax).

Michel Tudel, President of the network ABSOLUCE"Audit and accounting groups and networks in France are concentrating, whilst others disappear. ABSOLUCE has been able to compete through exponential growth since its foundation.This growth is becoming an attraction force. It will be capable of attracting new members and contributes to the strength of our brand."

A territorial network, now complete

By means of  this merger between ABSOLUCE and QANTEA, the network accesses greater territorial coverage by enhancing its presence especially in the Southern area, going from Perpignan via Montpellier, Marseille and Saint-Raphaël, through to Nice.   Less than a year ago, in January 2015, ABSOLUCE had aleady increased its territorial presence with the merger of the AEQUITAS Group based in Northern France. The network is now aiming at an enhancement in all of France and especially in the East (Strasbourg).

Jean Guillerminet, President of the network QANTEA"The economic environment of our clients is changing very quickly (franchising or affiliated retailing, digitisation of the economy, changing consumer behaviour,...). In order to meet all those new challenges, a network must achieve a good geographical coverage as well as offer international services".

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