January 4, 2018

25 high quality webinars for INAA members


On behalf of the INAA board, we are glad to announce that INAA partners with 2020Group to offer you a series of 25 high quality webinars, designed to keep you up to date with international tax, accounting and practice management issues.

The programme covers a wide range of subjects, such as IFRS, International Tax, Ethical Standards, trading law, ESMA enforcement priorities, transfer pricing, presented by well-known and experienced speakers.
You can easily access the webinars either live or through the recorded version, with no limit ! Access is totally free of charge and unlimited, for both you and your staff.

Follow this link to see the list of webinars for the whole year : www.the2020group.com/INAA

This is an excellent opportunity to get some additional knowledge ! So share this information with your entire staff, and don’t forget to bookmark this page !

Do not miss the 1st webinar on January 12 on SETTING YOUR STRATEGY IN A CHANGING WORLD.

How does it work ?

It's very easy !

  1. Go on the webinar page, and click on the REGISTER HERE red button.
  2. Select which webinars you want and fill in the form
  3. On the final page, you will find links to the recordings, notes and slides. If you select a webinar that has not yet taken place, obviously there will be no recording but you will be given access to join the live webinar and will be register for this automatically.
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