Jorrit Koops


Equity Partner

+ 31 6 588 167 06

+31 318 64 4000

+31 318 64 4000


Jorrit Koops joined the company in 2014 and has been appointed managing director and chairman of the board since 2021. Jorrit has extensive experience in auditing and consulting. Powerful and convincing, he can help entrepreneurs take the next step. His knowledge, drive, creativity and commitment are essential tools in this and make him a valuable sparring partner.

Main expertise

Auditing - Public sector

Secondary expertise

Auditing - Not for profit organisations

Specialised expertise

  • Special - Computer support
  • Special - Forensic
  • Special - Management consultancy
  • Special - Training

Languages spoken

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German


Master of Science RA (chartered accountant, certified public accountant)


Nyenrode Business University

Professional Activity

Young Management member of Employer organisation Christian Business Men's Committee IFRS, US GAAP Accredited at former BiG4 employment

Community Activity

Food valley community Cycling Mountainbiking