What You Missed at the European Tax & Audit Forum in Brussels

On September 30th & October 1st, we held our annual European Tax and Audit Forum in Brussels.

Not less than 40 attendees joined this very interesting meeting, partners or staff members from INAA member firms (accountants and tax consultants).


English courses

For the third time, we hosted English courses, available to every interested attendees. The course was given by experienced language tutors that were briefed about the professional requirements of our member firms.
Once again, we are very pleased to announce that we did receive very positive feedbacks. After the entire day in face-to-face learning they were offered a 3 months membership to a very efficient e-learning tool: 7Speaking to help them progress further with their learning.

We hope you'll be able to attend the future sessions! Meanwhile, if you were not able to attend this one, and want to improve your English with this e-learning solution, you can enjoy it at a lowered cost! Don't hesitate to contact Nadège to set up your membership. See a short video presentation below:


We also hosted a fascinating business session on October 1st, which had an impressive turnout and explored the strategies, processes, and tips for delivering business development success, as well as important tax and audit subjects like intellectual property income and tax benefits for R&D companies.

Keep reading to get a snapshot of some of our hottest topics and stay up-to-date on the latest tax and audit subjects.

Cybersecurity by David Palmer OBE & Robert McClure

Our session on cybersecurity kicked off by exploring some of the most common issues within the field, including growing global threat levels. David Palmer & Robert McClure then explained the basic cybersecurity landscape and provided essential tips and advice on staying safe online. Concrete examples of threats facing businesses and how to respond to potential cyber-attacks brought the presentation to life.


Tax Benefits for R&D and Intellectual Property Income in France by Rudi Fievet (Auditis, Absoluce, France)

Rudi Fievet talked about the tax benefits of R&D and on intellectual property income in France, including what you have to pay and how you can reduce it. This stimulating presentation looked at things to consider when operating and selling IP assets and how to get the best results from R&D and innovation tax credits. X also explained the best methods for reducing tax for real estate agents and charities.


Tax Climate in CEE by Lucie Berglova (ASB Group, Czech Republic)

Lucie Berglova explored the CCE tax climate and how companies can make sure their domestic tax complies with European Union, OECD, and BEPS regulations. She also provided an overview of the different tax systems, including corporate income tax, personal tax, value-added tax (VAT), etc. She then looked at how these systems can work differently for different individuals and within various circumstances. By breaking it down, Lucie provided a thorough overview and understanding of CCE tax situations.


Tax Benefits for R&D and Intellectual Property Income in Belgium by Gaby Van Loock (@The Office, Belgium)

Did you know that the tax burden on labour is the highest in Belgium? @TheOffice explained the total revenue from taxes and social contributions for Belgian businesses and employees, before delving into how this impacts R&D and benefits available for such organisations.


Strategies, Processes, and Tips for Delivering Business Development Success by Steve Robinson (SalesEngine)

Steve Robinson joined us to talk about basic sales strategies and techniques, including the three key arguments every salesperson needs to make. And, how business owners can create a desire to create change and take their company to the next level to transform their sales approach and educate customers.

He urged the audience to investigate current processes, future business objections, individual requirements, and financial criteria to find ways to supercharge their development. These insights then allowed companies to create a clear value proposition that makes companies stand out from the crowd.


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