Back from Intermediate Members Meeting in Barcelona

Some meetings have a “Wow” factor stamped all over it and this intermediate INAA meeting certainly had that special “Wow” factor.

Barcelona is a fascinating city to soak in the Spanish culture and the sheer brilliance of the architecture of Antoni Gaudi is both exalting and captivating.

The meeting had a record attendance of 90 delegates and 33 guests, making it the highest attended meeting of INAA ever!!! The previous highest being the Nice (France) meeting in October 2010 attended by 80 delegates. It was really heartening that there were 30 delegates (from old and new firms) who attended an INAA meeting for the first time and there were 7 firms that were represented for the first time.

The Programme Committee had organised excellent speakers to share their expertise on how to be ready for the next evolution brought about by the confluence of technological changes, political upheavals and the emergence of new age professionals –the millennials. See them here, in video (members only) !

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