INAA welcomes a new member in California

INAA is proud to welcome The Accountancy in Glendale, California, USA, as a new member!

Browse their website or take a look at the video below to know more about this really innovative firm !

"On behalf of the entire INAA board, as well as each INAA member, we want to welcome The Accountancy firm to the INAA family. To the INAA members in attendance at the Cape Town AGM the news of this firm becoming the first west coast member firm in the U.S. was enthusiastically welcomed as it represents the opportunity to serve INAA member clients needing accounting or tax assistance in that part of the world.  As INAA’s growth plans continue to focus on the U.S. west coast, we look forward to other quality firms such as The Accountancy becoming members of the INAA family.  We look forward to getting to know the partners of The Accountancy and their involvement in INAA."

Ed Turner
Vice Chairman - INAA



"As managing partner of my firm I am entrusted with the strategic focus and tactical direction of the firm, its resources and people. As we have grown, it became clear to me that we needed to continue to elevate our capabilities as well as our profile in the international space.
Why? Because the world is getting smaller and many of our clients are reaching out to international markets, partners and opportunities.
I looked at 3-4 different organizations that could provide my firm with reach, scale, and know how. After proper due diligence, including many conversations with member firms and attending a regional conference, I found INAA to be the best fit.
I saw INAA as a reflection of my firm. Ultimately, business is about people and INAA made us feel welcome and included even before we applied for membership. I felt connected instantly.
It was very different with other organizations. One that touted its extensive network took 2 weeks to even get back to me and then only by email and it was very impersonal.
Another was a network of allied professions not just accountants. The other 2 were just not a good match."

Mike Velazquez
Managing Partner - The Accountancy

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