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Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors

Originally a Dutch family business and meanwhile strongly grown, Schuiteman Accountants and Advisors has yet been able to keep the human...
Originally a Dutch family business and meanwhile strongly grown, Schuiteman Accountants and...

Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors

Boylestraat 28
6718 XM EDE
Telephone: 31 318 64 40 00
Fax: 31 318 64 40 10

Company Introduction

GENERAL We at Schuiteman like to be inspired by the eagle. High up in the air, he has a perfect total overview. Simultaneously, his extraordinary eyesight enables him to discern the smallest details, even from the largest distance. Nothing escapes him. You may expect the same from us. A good advisor always keeps track of the outlines but has at the same time a keen eye for the smallest details. For more than 40 years Schuiteman has been offering a high-quality service at which personal involvement is of the utmost importance. And our relations consider this personal approach also one of the most important assets of our services. Not for nothing more than 70 % of our relations has recommended us to another company (2008 customer satisfaction inquiry). To satisfy that expectation we have a comprehensive understanding of our job. In our view, as advisor, the accountant stands beside the entrepreneur. We are speaking the same language and are working in an expert, committed and purposive way on concrete solutions. Our specialists consult regularly with each other to inform each other about the latest rules and legislation and to discuss the most complex cases. In more than fortyfive years Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors has grown into an organisation with seven branch-offices and some 130 employees. Our clientele consists mainly of medium-sized businesses. In addition, a lot of freelancers, agricultural businesses and non-profit institutions are using our services. Also internationally operating businesses can find the right person in our company. Thanks to our decentralised office organisation and despite the size of our organisation, we are well available and approachable. Our employees know you and your business. Each relation has a fixed advisor as first contact. If necessary, he will pass on specific questions directly to other specialists in the organisation. This enables us to quickly and efficiently solve problems, also if this requires deploying several disciplines. In order to guarantee the quality of our services we must obviously satisfy the rules of professional associations. In addition, we will do everything to keep our employees well trained and motivated. We expect them to keep continuously abreast of the developments in their specialty. We stimulate this amongst others by holding weekly technical meetings at which the actual developments in the field of taxes, social insurance legislation and subsidies are discussed. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS The certified accountants of Schuiteman are operating under the name of “Schuiteman & Partners Chartered Accountants”. They dispose of the required AFM-licence for carrying out the legal audits. Through continuous education and close mutual consultation they keep abreast of all developments relevant to you. Our certified accountant is an all-round advisor. He analyses and discusses your quarterly or annual figures. Where necessary he will advise you. So you can make sound and responsible choices and take the proper decisions in regard to your operating of business. Beside their regular activities, our certified accountants occupy themselves with various broad financial specialist questions. These questions fall under our service ”Corporate Consultancy”. Think hereby for instance of internal audits, business valuations and due diligence investigation. TAX SERVICES The choice of a legal form has far-reaching consequences, both in the long term and in the short term. Not just fiscal consequences but also legal ones. Our team of tax specialists is the authority in this field. Our employees want to think along as early as possible at setting up optimum fiscal structures, assisting you thereby at complicated tax questions in an expert and dedicated way. And in case of conflicts with the tax authorities they will take legal actions, if necessary up to the highest level. Schuiteman works result-directed on the best conceivable fiscal and legal solutions in the field of amongst others: •Choice of legal form •Business succession •Mergers and takeovers •Restructuring Tax law is a dynamic specialism. Each week a mountain of fiscal specialist literature is published. Our tax specialists go through that mountain every week to ensure that everyone stays abreast of all developments. We also discuss an actual case at these technical consultations. This enables us to release in a short time the knowledge of the entire team on your fiscal questions to quickly achieve creative solutions. HRM As employer you have to deal with an enormous amount of rules and prescriptions. This implies the danger that you must spend too much time on observing them, forcing other important matters to the background. But rest assured, we will be happy to take over this administrative burden from you. We will do so in the manner best suited to you. If you want to give it up entirely, you can. If you want to keep certain matters in your own hand, we will assist you only in partial areas. And also when you must deal with personnel problems that demand legal assistance, we can advise you. In the field of personnel affairs you can count on us. Our advisors are amongst other specialised in: •employment contracts •terms of employment •arbo and absenteeism •social insurances •matters of dismissal Salary records are important but for many organisations a rather time-consuming element of operational management. As employer you don’t want to have anything to do with it, or on the contrary you want to be as closely involved as possible? It’s all up to you. We will be happy to attune our (online) services in this field to your wishes. No matter how you involve Schuiteman in your salary records, you can count in any case on the fact that nothing will happen absent-minded. We will always keep a tight control of your salary records, something for which we strongly and qualitatively stand out in this field. You can use the online-package of Salaris Online for your salary records and other personnel data. With this package you can manage yourself your personnel information and make changes. At every change we are notified that something has changed in your data. That keeps us abreast of all actual developments within your company. Take a look at a demo of this user-friendly program. INTERNATIONAL SERVICES You are doing business abroad? In that case it is sensible to have yourself advised by a partner who knows the rules in situ. To assist you hereby Schuiteman is a member of the INAA Group. The INAA Group is an international cooperation of accountants and tax specialists. The INAA’s objective is to share knowledge and to offer principals a reliable and high-quality network of service providers. Our accountants and tax specialists visit the INAA conferences several times a year to exchange professional knowledge and to contact accountants and tax specialists in countries all over the world. For this purpose we have meanwhile built a broad network of fellow-organisations and we are able to refer you adequately, wherever in the world you are doing business. Visit for more information about the INAA Group their website. Schuiteman offers his relations more than just international services. We have organised business trips to for instance China to offer our relations the opportunity to look behind the scenes. If again new opportunities are offered in countries where special business opportunities can be found we will try to organise again a business trip to that location. AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector have to deal with specific rules and legislation in regard to tax matters and business economics. The Agro Team of Schuiteman, based in Barneveld, is specifically directed at agricultural clients, and knows what goes around in the sector. The operation of business of agricultural entrepreneurs is to a large extent determined by the Common Agricultural Policy of Europe and by the Manure Policy. Buying and selling land or production quota has almost always drastic tax consequences. Expropriation or other government interference requires usually very specific advising and counselling. And also an efficient transfer of business is in the agricultural sector usually only possible with tailor-made support. The members of our agro team are abreast of all rules and legislation to be able to serve agricultural entrepreneurs in the best way. They maintain good contacts with the Tax Authorities. But most of all they have personally a lot of feeling with agricultural entrepreneurs. Do you have a question or do you want to get further acquainted with one of our agricultural advisors? Don’t hesitate to contact us, naturally without any engagement. You can also view the doings of our agricultural department in the AgriView magazine, which is sent three times a year to all our agricultural relations. ONLINE SERVICES Online-services have meanwhile become a part of financial services, something we thoroughly realise. Online-services complete our client-directed service: you have access to your data, you can adjust or exchange them with your contact person whenever it suits you. Salaris Online: an online-service for labour issues. Personnel changes, salary adjustments, changes in personal details; everything is possible with this program. As soon as changes have been made your contact person at Schuiteman will be notified to keep him immediately well informed. At the moment we are working on a portal for all our relations to be able to view and settle various financial matters. Think for instance of a digital signature for your tax declarations, transferring financial figures and viewing quarterly figures. You can view your figures yourself at the moment of your choice before discussing them with one of our specialists. We will keep you informed of the state of affairs regarding this portal. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Our social involvement is expressed in many ways. Schuiteman thinks it important to care for his own employees and their working environment. In addition, Schuiteman thinks that the company and its employees should contribute to social organisations, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Locally, Schuiteman dedicates itself to various sports clubs and cultural events. We set great store by a healthy work/life balance for our employees and feel strongly about training and personal development. Since the offices are rather small everyone knows each other, resulting in a proper cooperation. The flat organisation is also the reason that our employees can easily get into contact with each other and ensures an informal but high-quality work environment. We enable our employees to participate beside their work also in sports, social and cultural activities. •Our annual tennis, squash and darts tournaments •Personnel Day (organised by our staff association ) •The Nijmegen Annual Four Day Walking Event •Indoor football tournaments •Workshops Schuiteman dedicates itself in various ways to good causes. We do so in the first place by deploying know-how free of charge. Our employees can devote themselves free of charge to various good causes, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Languages spoken

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German


Main Office

Boylestraat 28
6718 XM EDE

Other offices

  • Thorbeckelaan 95 3771 ED BARNEVELD, The Netherlands Tel: 00-31-(0)342 41 12 00 Fax: 00-31-(0)342 42 00 22 Email:
  • Kerkstraat 29 3781 GA VOORTHUIZEN, The Netherlands Tel: 00-31-(0)342 47 34 44 Fax: 00-31-(0)342 47 48 41 Email:
  • Huizermaatweg 360 1276 LK HUIZEN, The Netherlands Tel: 00-31-(0)35 647 34 71 Fax: 00-31-(0)35 647 34 72 Email:
  • Stephensonstraat 29 3846 AK HARDERWIJK, The Netherlands Tel: 00-31-(0)341 45 55 97 Fax: 00-31-(0)341 49 50 90 Email:
  • Nieuwstraat 9 3861 AJ NIJKERK, The Netherlands Tel: 00-31-(0)33 303 32 30 Email:


    • Evert-Hein Schuiteman

      Equity Partner

      Schuiteman & Partners

    • Gert de Fluiter

      Equity Partner

      Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors

      Gert was born in 1969 and is married to Marjan and has four children. In 1987 Gert started to work for KPMG and in 1995 qualified as a chartered accountant. He is a partner of Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors having worked for Schuiteman since the beginning of 2001. Schuiteman was founded in 1968 has 6 offices throughout The Netherlands with 150 employees. Their main activities are assurance, accounting services, (international) tax services, employee benefits and affairs, business valuation and consulting services to clients. They are a member of The Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA), SRA, SRA International and INAA. Outside of the office Gert is interested in sports (running, soccer), music, wine and whisky.

    • Robert Berger

      Equity Partner

      Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors

      Originally a Dutch family business and meanwhile strongly grown, Schuiteman Accountants and Advisors has yet been able to keep the human touch of a family business, in particular in its personal approach of each relation. Lawyers, tax advisors and accountants are closely cooperating to be able to offer the best possible service. Together with the Labour Affairs and Agriculture departments, Schuiteman offers a complete package of financial services.

    • Jorrit Koops

      Executive Manager

      Schuiteman Accountants & Advisors

      My personal mission is to provide "quality in everything I do." Excellent communication and planning are keys to successful auditing. I grew up with entrepreneurship, a personal touch and lasting relationships are special to me. Broad experience with international engagements worked several years for "Big 4". Specialties IFRS | Advisory | Coaching | Personal Involvement | SME | Chartered Accountant | Auditor | Broad International experience | Branches Food | Automotive |Transportation | Media & Entertainment

    Services, Expertise & Clients


    • Accounts preparation - Limited company,Accounts preparation - Not for profit organisations,Auditing - Limited company,Auditing - Not for profit organisations,Special - Business valuations,Special - Computer support,Special - Corporate finance,Special - Forensic,Special - Insolvency,Special - Management consultancy,Tax - Estate,Tax - International,Tax - Corporate compliance,Tax - Corporate consultancy,Tax - Personal compliance,Tax - Personal consultancy,Tax - Sales,

    Top 10 clients

    • 463 - Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
    • 682 - Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis
    • 324 - Manufacture of games and toys
    • 451 - Sale of motor vehicles
    • 932 - Other amusement and recreation activities
    • 421 - Construction of roads and railways
    • 016 - Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities
    • 410 - Construction of buildings
    • 021 - Silviculture and other forestry activities
    • 475 - Retail sale of other household equipment in specialized stores

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