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Revision Vadestedet


Revision Vadestedet

Vadestedet 6
4700 Næstved
Telephone: +45 55 72 15 22
Fax: +45 55 77 15 22

Company Introduction

Revision Vadestedet is a certified firm of consultants and accountants specialised in smaller and medium-sized businesses and other associations requiring qualified accountancy and assistance with bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, payroll, fiscal matters and Financial forecasting. Accountants from Revision Vadestedet have provided quality service to the Danish business sector for more than 80 years. Our 15 dedicated employees, who - between them - represent more than 250 years' experience within the accounting profession, are ready to provide our services to you and your clients. We take our share of the responsibility for ensuring the education of new members within the accounting profession. This way, we make sure our employees cover a wide field within experience as well as hourly fee. Thus, we are able to provide Manpower for an assignment from a team of employees that will ensure a qualified solusion of any given task at competitive fees.

Languages spoken

  • Danish
  • English


Main Office

Vadestedet 6
4700 Næstved


    • Leif Stolberg-Rohr Nørskov

      Equity Partner

      I have been working at Ernst & Young in Denmark before joining Revision Vadestedet i 2013. I have primarily worked with small and medium-sized Companies in Denmark, but I also have experience with international Companies and their activities in Denmark.

    • Ebbe Jensen

      Equity Partner

      I acquired three smaller audit offices in the period 2003 to 2011 and combined them into one firm. I have primarily worked with small and medium-sized Companies in Denmark, moreover, I have extensive experience with Danish non profit organizations and their activities Worldwide.

    Services, Expertise & Clients


    • Accounts preparation - Limited company,Accounts preparation - Not for profit organisations,Auditing - Limited company,Auditing - Not for profit organisations,Payroll,Special - Business valuations,Special - Computer support,Special - Corporate finance,Special - Insolvency,Special - Management consultancy,Tax - Estate,Tax - International,Tax - Corporate compliance,Tax - Corporate consultancy,Tax - Personal compliance,Tax - Personal consultancy,Tax - Sales,

    Breakdown of our services
    • Audit : 25 %
    • Accounting : 50 %
    • Tax : 15 %
    • Advisory : 7 %
    • Other : 3 %

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