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    • J.J. Lipman RA

      Equity Partner

      Maas Accountants

      Maas Accountants: Auditors, Accountants, Consultants & Tax Advisers The Netherlands holds many practical advantages as a base for your European subsidiary. Attractive tax rulings for foreign investors The Netherlands as acknowledged world trade center for Europe Well educated work force English as the business language Geographical position (main port for the European continent) For all its business appeal, however, the Netherlands also represents a challenge for corporate controllers. Many legal and business requirements differ greatly from the U.S., for example. And despite the European Union, each European jurisdiction has its own regulations. As a good investment Maas Accountants specialize in corporate finance and tax preparation for foreign companies doing business in Europe. For over 15 years we have guided small to medium sized enterprises through complex and unfamiliar Dutch processes with: Cost saving advice on Dutch investment incentives Outsourced financial set up and management Information needed to comply with government requirements Preparation of required contracts and forms Native fluency in the Dutch language Unlike the small business practices of multinational accounting firms we provide customized services and develop close working relationships with our clients. As a result, Maas Accountants serve as the main point of financial contact between headquarters and its Dutch subsidiary. We allow your employees to concentrate on growing your core business and we provide continuity through staffing changes.

    • R. de Leijster

      Maas Accountants B.V.

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