• Netherlands
  • Den Helder, Leeuwarden, Hoorn, Heerhugowaard, Zwaagdijk
  • Dutch, English, German
    • Accounts preparation - Limited company
    • Accounts preparation - Not for profit organisations
    • Auditing - Limited company
    • Auditing - Not for profit organisations
    • Payroll
    • Special - Business valuations
    • Special - Corporate finance
    • Special - Management consultancy
    • Special - Outsourcing
    • Tax - Estate
    • Tax - International
    • Tax - Corporate compliance
    • Tax - Sales

About Omnyacc

Omnyacc is by your side at every stage of your entrepreneurship. We take matters off your hands. As an entrepreneur, you can focus on what you are really good at: running your business! In addition to accountancy and taxation, we also offer complete support in the field of HRM and occupational health and safety services, pensions, absenteeism and income insurance, legal affairs and corporate financing. Our team of 250 specialists at the 8 offices in Noord-Holland and Friesland are always ready to support you and help you create the most optimal financial position! This way there is room for peace and quiet and entrepreneurial pleasure. Omnyacc: strong for entrepreneurs!

Our offices

Contact details

Omnyacc Den Helder

Verkeerstorenweg 1
1786 PN Den Helder

31 223 688600

Contact details

Omnyacc Synergie Leeuwarden

Balthasar Bekkerwei 90 8914 BE Leeuwarden Postbus 107
8900 AC Leeuwarden

058 8200900

Contact details

Omnyacc Müller & Partners - Hoorn

Koopvaarder 4 1625 BZ Hoorn Postbus 13
1620 AA Hoorn

0229 27 19 94

Contact details

Omnyacc Van Teylingen - Heerhugowaard

Stationsplein 69 1703 WE Heerhugowaard Postbus 1071
1700 BB Heerhugowaard

072 572 06 26

Contact details

Omnyacc GoesDeen - Zwaagdijk

Bollenmarkt 8a
1681 PJ Zwaagdijk

0228 56 10 10

Looking for contact ?

Our representatives

Our representatives are your privileged partners and intermediaries within the company. As essential links in the international chain formed by our INAA members, they will be able to answer all your questions on accounting or auditing matters or direct you to the appropriate personnel according to your needs.

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