HZW accountants & belastingadviseurs

  • Netherlands
  • Ez Veenendaal
  • Dutch, English, German
    • Accounts preparation - Limited company
    • Accounts preparation - Not for profit organisations
    • Auditing - Limited company
    • Auditing - Not for profit organisations
    • Payroll
    • Special - Corporate finance
    • Special - Outsourcing
    • Tax - Estate
    • Tax - Corporate compliance
    • Tax - Corporate consultancy
    • Tax - Personal compliance
    • Tax - Personal consultancy

About HZW accountants & belastingadviseurs

HZW has the quality of the bigger firms and the advantages of a smaller firm (informal, personal approach, fast responsive times).  We choose to have only one office in the middle of the Netherlands, so we can guard our quality and our 'family-culture' in the best way. With our 30 enthousiastic employees we can offer services on a broad scale, such as auditing/assurance, pre auditing, compiling, administration, payrolling/HRM advice, tax, due diligence, consultancy

Our offices

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HZW accountants & belastingadviseurs

J.G. Sandbrinkstraat 2A
3901 EZ Veenendaal

0318 - 569456

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Our representatives

Our representatives are your privileged partners and intermediaries within the company. As essential links in the international chain formed by our INAA members, they will be able to answer all your questions on accounting or auditing matters or direct you to the appropriate personnel according to your needs.

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